Studio 54

In my whole going out career I probably went five times to the Kaufleuten. Of which one was a very enticing India Arie concert. Yesterday I got convinced to give it another try. The Disco seems to be the hottest event in the glossy going out scene (meaning the Paris Hiltons and male companions of Zurich). I find it rather strange to be standing in queue to get into a club at 11 pm, and also quite bugging that they only let guys into the club if they are accompanied by an equal number of women (I still guess that in most cases guys go out to meet new women…)

Never mind. The decoration suited the topic. Quite Studio 54ish. The sound was from James Brown to Madonna to YMCA (the f****** classics) to a new one … which made me smile from ear to ear: Baschi and Bring aen hei.

All in all a perfect night that started with no expectations at all and ended in surprises.

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