Sri Lanka

A while back I pre posted about my trip to Sri Lanka to the eco village of Ulpotha for 2 weeks of disappearance from the “normal” world. It was a very special time as it is a special place, and a very interesting group. And well. Yoga. From morning till night.

Unbelievable but true the days felt somewhat packed. The day started at 7. Sunrise was a bit before 6 and honestly there is no way to sleep much longer than 6 anyway. First of all it gets light. Then there are the birds giving a huge concerto. Then there was this nasty squirrel that started always at 6 to rummage around in our roof. No idea what was so exciting about it. And it also always stopped about 6:30. And when the squirrel didn’t wake me then it was either the apes doing the ape thing or the constant scraping of a broom. Our caretaker started to clean the pathways always at that time. So here you go. No sleeping it.

Then again there was also no point of staying up late. After sunset – as there is no electricity – you have your flashlight and there are gas lamps all over the place, but well… its not like you want to do much stuff in that kind of lightening. That gave a peaceful rhythm to the days. Though I sometimes felt like a child. Somebody else decided when I get up and when I got to bed.

The whole area was connected by little pathways that are always clean. I practically ran around barefoot for 2 weeks. I felt like Mowgli from the jungle book. Also because you really live basic. You … well … stink a little. Water is rare, so you decide wisely when to shower (also the water is not heated. So you better do it in the afternoon sun.), and you live among the animals. More or less all respecting the other. When I showered I always had two bees, one big yellow and black flying thingie, and a salamander joining in. There is not much water. So of course if you turn some on there are guests. But against my usual panicky behavior I noticed pretty quickly is was definitely just about the water. They didn’t mind me at all. Just to get some water. Ok, maybe except the salamander. He just kept smiling at me. Maybe even winking.

Then there was the disconnectedness from the internet, and mostly cell reception. I have to admit that it gives a lot of peace in the sense of you really disconnect from home, just don’t bother about the stuff you usually bother. I wouldn’t want it for longer than 2 weeks, but for that time it was heaven.


Eco villageneering

In a couple of days I’ll be heading to my next two week yoga immersion. To Sri Lanka. To an eco village. Which apparently also means no electricity (ergo no internet), no hot water, and also very limited cell reception (you have to climb some hill to get some).

The Swiss mostly possess at least one pair of hiking boots. And they love any kind of survival gear. That’s why survival gear shops pop up in town like mushrooms. And to use that gear while running around in the mountains.

Also many, many people keep telling me how nice it is to be disconnected. Meaning not having access to their emails (work AND private), no access to news websites, no facebook, no twitter, no instagram, and the like. And no phone that could be ringing.

Weirdly enough everybody (outside the yoga circle) I told about my trip to the eco village replied with an « uff, I wouldn’t be able to do that ». Which I find beyond funny. I’m the one not hiking all the time, and not mountaineering. I’m the one who never needs a break from the internet, and loves her gadgets dearly. And still it’s me going back to the roots.


Cotton Candy Troll

I have always been somewhat expressive in my choice of hair do. Two years ago I had this Iroquese phase (which is still one of my favorite hair cuts ever) and during that phase I went to Montevideo, Uruguay, for 2 months. So far there goes nothing beyond the kind of looks I got there from the people. Utter incomprehension with pure disgust. A weekend trip to Buenos Aires felt like a two week vacation.
These days I switched to the league of the Cotton Candy trolls. The Zurichians are not the most expressive dressers, but they are used to a variety of different styles. Still I get these “what kind of weird are you”-looks which I reply with a “50 shades of cotton candy weird”-smile. They mostly look hastily to the very interesting floor.
Today a guy thought he recognized me from some Utopia party in Kloten. I just googled the event. It’s a fetish party. Dress code for the next event is Latex – Lack – Leder – Gummi – Fantasy – Kinky – Schoolgirls – Bitches – Gothic – Bizarre Elegance, etc… 
Oh boy.

One Wish

I remember this day one year ago quite nicely. I was on Ko Samui, Thailand, doing a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Obi Van (no that’s not his real name) and Manuela. It was warm, and sunny, and the hole day was packed with Yoga. I got lots of hugs, a new asana (Viparita Dandasana), prostrations, a swim in the sea, good food, and even a birthday cake.

Which reminds me that my Sai Sin Sacred bracelet is now over a year old. I got it back then from a rather grumpy looking buddhist monk. The thing is a pure fashion item. In neon yellow and neon pink in undestroyable nylon. I would love it if the thing would naturally rot off… But I guess this will take another year. At least.
Anyway. Yesterday I placed a wish onto the thing. Nothing to fancy. Nothing to big. Let’s see.