Sportive Events

Again a long time complete silence. What have I been doing? Mhhm… This and that. The last two weeks have been holidays on Balkonia (meaning we stayed at home). The idea was to do a lot of sports. We actually did, and so I – again – decided to register for the Uster Triathlon and also for the Greifenseelauf.

The Uster Triathlon is mainly to accompany my boyfriend, and because it is said to be a very cool event. But I lack a bit in swimming and bicycle training. After all my favorite is running. Though a slight mix helps prevent me from me knee pain.

So this years sportive event for me will be the Greifenseelauf.

Aletsch Glacier

Being on the Bettmeralp I got told about the Aletsch Half Marathon. Due to the snow we didn’t get a chance to see the Aletsch glacier. Would be a pretty magical happening to run along the glacier. But 21kms? Mostly upwards?

I guess I’ll see how the Grand Prix next Saturday goes and the Sola the Saturday afterwards…

Grand Prix

Two more weeks to go to the Grand Prix of Berne. I’m definitely not prepared, but I guess I’ll make it somehow through the 16km. At least I’ll give it a try compared to some other people who said they’d come but chicken out now …

What are we running from?

Just three more days until the Silvesterlauf. Preparation actually went far better than I expected. I even made a lactate test to finally know the pulse rate I can go on forever without over lactating my muscles, and am the proud owner of a new pace maker (Polar RS200sd). So I guess unless it’s both freezing AND raining nothing much can go wrong.

Only question remains if I’ll be able to make the distance (8.6 km) in time (less than 48 min).
We’ll see…

Sylvester and Tweety

Subscribe to the Silvesterlauf, category Premium (meaning 8.6 km in under 48 min). Mainly to force myself to continue running through winter, but also because I guess as a Zurich sort-of-native you should have done it at least once. I’ve been told from friends who did the run that it’s incredibly crowded and therefore can be quite a pain.

We’ll see.

Praise to a Shoe

Did you know that Asics stands for Anima sana in corpore sano… Ha! Once in a while my 6 1/2 years education in Latin sort of helps, but I guess that saying is even for non latin experienced known. Never mind.

Found a page who sells and ships Asics shoes in Switzerland. Even if a shoe is not on the page, you can still ask, if he can get them for you.

My absolute favorite would be the Gel-Nimbus VIII, but they no longer make them. The actual model is the Gel-Nimbus 9.


In the States you can choose between three different color versions, while in Germany there is only one … but again a new one. Looks like even when it comes to sport shoes design is country specific???

Btw. the color version on the picture is called: Brown/Root Beer/Latte Shimmer …


The Greifensee Half Marathon went extremly well. During the first half it felt like half my sector passed me by, but I followed the rules of my pace maker. In the second half I – according to rank – outran about 400 people, and had still enough power left during the last 2 km to run sort of on my limit. Gives me a straight averages of 6 min per km. Taking the lenght of 21 km into account, that’s pretty ok for me. I’m satisfied. Especially since I didn’t have any sore muscle the day after…

PS: The song of the run is Until I Collapse by Eminem. I can’t listen to anything else by him, since everything sounds to me sort of alike.


Nur noch 2 1/2 h bis zum Greifenseelauf. Traumhaftes Jogg-Wetter: sonnig, aber nicht zu warm. Meine Mitjoggerin hat definitiv gecancelt. Da waren wohl andere Dinge bedeutend wichtiger… Dafür hab ich einen bewährten Mini-Fanclub.

Gestern in der Kletterhalle erlebte ich noch meinen bisher übelsten Sturz. Wobei mir und meinem Klettergspöndli klar war, dass ich stürze. Jedoch im Vorstieg oberhalb vom letzten Express ist das halt leider schon noch ein Stück. Ich war trotzdem viel zu perplex eine sinnvolle Haltung einzunehmen. Daher ist meine linke Körperhälfte wohl morgen grün und blau. Vielleicht auch nicht schlecht, dass einem mal wieder bewusst wird, dass man stürzen kann, aber dass – wenn beide aufpassen – einem nicht allzu viel passiert. Dennoch etwas, was ich gerne vermeiden will. Ich bin zwar weitergeklettert, aber bei jedem mittelschweren Problem musste ich gleich kapitulieren. Muss wohl nächstes Mal in der Halle genau die gleiche Strecke nochmal machen…

Wie auch immer: jetzt geht`s erstmal an die 21km um den Greifensee!

About The Weather

Three days to go to the Greifensee Half Marathon. Compared to last time I’m prepared as hell. Goal is to make it in around two hours (under two would be sort of mind blowing 🙂 …

To prepare myself I did another hood hopping session yesterday, but honestly … the weather in this country – or rather this part of this country – just sucks. 8 degrees and rain? I froze my a** off! But for Saturday it looks promising. I dearly hope so.

Which reminds me… Current temperature in Olbia, Sardinia according to AccuWeather: 21 degrees and sunny…