Vor einer Weile hab ich mal den Begriff des Fuck-Buddy definiert.

Kuerzlich wurde ich ueber eine weitere Definition informiert durch einen Abgesandten aus dem schnuggelig … aehm … unschuldigen (??? … !) Buendnerland, wo das Gras noch gruen und die Kondome noch unter dem Ladentisch verkauft werden … Dort versteht man unter Fuck-Buddy – oder in der deutschen Variante Lochschwager – zwei Maenner, die mit derselben Frau geschlafen haben, woraufhin der zweite dem ersten Kandidaten a kiiischta pier zahlen muss.

Strengt Euch an, dass Eure Betthasis sich nicht kennen/-lernen/begegnen/ … ueberhaupt voneinander wissen!!! Wir wollen hier ja nicht noch die Bierindustrie ankurbeln!


In remembrance of the famous vi‘s two modes insert and command (actually I’m more from the emacs front), my unbelievable desire to explain life in computer terms, and the inspirational impulse of the creator of the word guru-mode, I felt like writing down a couple of definitions:

= when someone behaves like being your master, while you never intended to be the apprentice and what he/she tries to teach either doesn’t interest you, you already knew, or – in the most fatal cases – you believe to know it better.

papi-mode (papi being the German word for dad)
= as the word suggests, someone behaves like your dad – trying to teach you a lesson, telling what you should or shouldn’t do or explains something to you, which you never – not in your wildest dreams – knew the answer to by yourself.

= when someone tells you his ideas on whatever without pushing you into any direction. It’s his/her point of view and he/she presents it in a nice way. You can either chose to learn from or trash it.

I named it swami to give a sort of reflective touch to this mode. Even though the thesaurus states that swami has a similar meaning than guru, I personally feel it in a less pushy way – the Indian way.

These modi suit very nicely to formulate my site policy:
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