To Toast or not To

For quite some time I was wondering if I should enhance my kitchen with a toaster. Not wanting to add any useless tool to my household, I waited until yesterday. Convinced that a toaster would make my life easier, I stood in front of about twenty toasters. Obviously you can spend up to 200 Sfr. on a simple heating device, which I find a bit disturbing. The choice was easy though: there was an advanced looking toaster for sale (and thanks to the sales person who was unable to calculate a 10% discount I got the thing even cheaper).

So now I’m possessing a toaster with an LCD display, seven buttons, and a lever, which means I can now toast about anything bread like in about ten different ways…


ProEdition Edelstahl F EM3 51 by Krups

Life’s good!

pebl.jpg Two years have passed since I got myself a Motorola Pebl. My first
mobile phone that I considered both useful and stylish. But as all
things come to an end, I figured out today that I’m allowed to get a
new phone for … depending on the model … almost free.

So I headed into the Orange store with absolutely no clue what phone I’d want to leave with. To me a mobile phone basically needs to phone, easily manage my phone numbers, have a speed dial mechanism, have vibra tone, send and receive sms, and – most importantly – have a T9 dictionary that I can enhance with Swiss German terms.

Ok, and I wanted one that you have to open to access the keypad. Looks like most don’t want to open their phones, as there aren’t that many of those. And either they are huge, tiny or shabby looking. Mhm… I was left with two choices: a Samsung or an LG. The LG was available in pink. I never in my whole life liked pink (except for when Gwen Stefani dyed her hair pink), but if there is any choice for color … I go for color.

Which leaves me with a LG KE970 Shine in pink. By the way LG stands for Life’s good. What an esoteric company name… Tststs…

So far I’m pretty happy. Of course it comes with a USB cable and software that only runs on a pc… But for simple file transfer you can use both USB and Bluetooth even with my iMac.

Gucci again

On a hint of one of my coworkers I discovered last summer Gucci Pour Homme as a perfume even a woman could wear. The Pour Femme version is good, but more for an … older … lady. The male version is heavy, but incredibly sexy.

This summer they release a summer version, but it actually took me until now to make a link to the other perfume. I hadn’t tried it until two days ago at the airport. As soon as I can I’ll grab a bottle of Gucci Pour Homme II …


Gucci Pour Homme II notes:

Gucci Pour Homme notes:


Always looking for the perfect perfume for me, I found another very enticing one:
Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

The webpage describes the notes:

Top Notes:
Black Truffle, Ylang, Bergamot, Black Currant

Middle Notes:
Tom Ford Black Orchid, Florals, Fruit accord, Lotus Wood

Bottom Notes:
Patchouli, Incense, Vetiver, Vanilla and Sandalwood

As you can guess its a rather warm, dark, woody scent with sweet highlights. I think the commercial puts it all nicely together. Though I’m not even close to that kind of grand dame, I love the scent. I guess, I’ll even go for another bottle…



Another famous cosmetics brand is available in Zurich at Rennweg: Kiehls!!!

It’s a rather expensive brand, but when the magazines make their Best 10 products lists, usually one of the products is by Kiehls. I had a moisturizer, a tonic, and that famous lip gloss once, but back then my skin didn’t do very well no matter what you put onto it. So maybe – when my financial status increases – I might give it another shot…