Sportive Events

Again a long time complete silence. What have I been doing? Mhhm… This and that. The last two weeks have been holidays on Balkonia (meaning we stayed at home). The idea was to do a lot of sports. We actually did, and so I – again – decided to register for the Uster Triathlon and also for the Greifenseelauf.

The Uster Triathlon is mainly to accompany my boyfriend, and because it is said to be a very cool event. But I lack a bit in swimming and bicycle training. After all my favorite is running. Though a slight mix helps prevent me from me knee pain.

So this years sportive event for me will be the Greifenseelauf.


As my new hobby seems to be wandering around in the kitchen equipment section of any ware house, I – of course – came along the new Kuhn Rikon Hotpan series.

Actually with the help of Katja I already own an orange kettle, which I really, really like. Not that its very practical, but it’s stylish, authentic, and you can also use it to water your plants.

Anyway. I keep wandering around those hotpants, and I decided I’d really like a lime or turquoise one.


Fancy Italians

In the near future (i.e. in two weeks) I’ll be – for the first time in my life – living alone in a two room tiny appartment thingie. Though that might sound a bit negative, I’m very much looking forward to it. Another new part in my life.

Because I don’t even nearly possess a household, I keep religiously checking the Ikea and Interio catalogue. In my opinion there seems to be no nice and affordable sofa or futton anywhere. By accident I found Seletti. An Italian company doing lots of funky stuff, including a sun-lounger.

In Zurich you can get them at Globus for 280 CHF.