Open Waters

As of today, I’m a certified PADI Open Water Diver. Nothing too fancy, but still it took quite a serious amount of time during the last 6 weeks.

Diving in the Lake Zurich definitely isn’t something to write home about. Though our diving teachers emphasized that there is much to be seen. So far I saw about 10 fishes, two stone lions, one garden dwarf, a wheel, a sandal, an empty beer can, a log book, and several pipelines, and heavy iron cains. That maybe sounds like the sight is good down there. It isn’t. At some point you’re lucky if you see your buddy right beside you. And at at a depth of 13 meters it got chilly as hell today.

Looking forward to the Barrier Reef. 20 Work days to go.

Swimming in the void

Had my first two diving sessions last weekend, and about four more to go the coming weekend.

Wearing two layers of 7mm neopren made me feel like glued together. Especially the silly hood, and the fancy gumboots. But the stuff definitely keeps you warm, and except the water in the gumboots I had the feeling there wasn’t water on my body.

The sight was as I have been told several times before: almost none. Made me feel quite disoriented, and a little claustrophobic. Without the diving teacher by my side, I’d have felt completely lost.

Looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully this time the sight will be a bit better.