Getting wet

Looking forward to my trip to Australia, a friend gave me a book about surfing written by Taj Burrow some years back.

Taj Burrows Book of Hot Surfing

Taj Burrows Book of Hot Surfing

Honestly the language is hilarious. I’d say I’m pretty fluent in English, but sometimes I just don’t get what he’s talking about. Looks like surfer have a language completely on their own.

Board experience

About 10 years ago I tried snowboarding for about 4 days. Couldn’t really get the hype, and compared to skiing I thought it quite a pain in the a**. Then again skiing wasn’t my thing either. So I stopped. Any kind of board underneath my feet felt wrong. Or actually – if I remember correctly – back then I thought I was in the wrong place (i.e. the earth) altogether…

So 10 years later I get an easy opportunity to try wakesurfing (thnx to On The Water Love), and I’m magically hooked. Even though I have almost no board experience like people who snowboard, wakeboard, kitesurf, I’m progressing with each session.  So far I’ve had three. Not ready to really let go of the handle… meaning still searching for a lasting balance at the sweet spot of the wave… but somehow getting there. I hope.

Like last year with the rock climbing finding a new sport in autumn which requires a somewhat warm climate sucks. But wait. There is October. In Australia. One month. Diving, trekking, sight seeing, and why not try the “real” surfing???