What is art?

Due to my weekly painting lesson, I come into contact with art more often than I used to. My painting teacher tries to inflict us a little with whats going on in the art scene.

Found Ulrich Lamsfuss in on of his books. Googled him and came upon one of his works on the artfacts.net website.

I’m certainly have no clue what compromises as art and what doesn’t. For my taste it’s pretty simple: if a piece of art manages to catch my attention and raises some sort of emotional reaction, then I think it’s good.

This painting makes me speechless.


My First Painting Project

For an exhibition next summer I decided to try a combination of my father’s and my work. He photographs while I paint. Ideas and possibilities are endless. Here is a description of the first attempt to combine the works. Idea comes from my painting teacher Michi Graessli.

Taking a printout of a picture of my father on matte slightly powderish photo paper, I used spray-on glue to stick the picture to a hard fiber plate, and tried to paint on it with oil colors.

Due to the powdery surface on the photo paper it soaked the paint up like a dry desert ground. Using a little retouching varnish it went better, but still is a lot trickier than canvas.

Finally I’d say it looks a bit “disconnected”. Idea for my next try is to use a color picture, which would leave me the possibility to only paint parts of the body to sort of highlight (or lowlight … depending on the final effect between photography and paint) certain areas. I’m also wondering about trying different photographic filters and effect, that I can either try to simulate with paint.

Honestly I’m quite excited! If I manage to stick to it, there might be some interesting output.