17 degrees

Tomorrow is the Uster Triathlon. An event I was somewhat looking forward too, but two rules apply:

1. I have to feel fit to compete
2. It should look like I’m not going to freeze my ass off

This year I’m sort of fit, but temperaturewise it’s 17 degrees. The water should be 20. Not too bad, but not too cosy either. My other half doesn’t want to go. Me neither. Why can’t it be like last weekend?

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Uster Triathlon

My first triathlon isn’t but a little more than a month away. Had big plans to train for the Uster triathlon, but the poofed away into stale air due to the current project I’ve been working on at the office. I put all my sweat and tears into work. Left a little energy for the private life, and nothing for the training schedule I had in mind. The Uster triathlon is a week away and even though I’m sure I’d survive it, it would piss me of to finish it with my tongue sticking to the floor. Ok, and I guess after the upcoming week I seriously need holidays…


Two years ago I started rock climbing, last year I went for wake surfing and diving, and this year I return to a classic. Actually it brings nothing completely new, but the magic – as I’ve been told – lies in the mix: triathlon.

To make it official (meaning force myself to get on training for the events) I already enrollend in two triathlons: Zuerich and Uster.

Equipment wise a third pair of Ascics Nimus are ordered from my favorite shoe dealer. The swimming stuff has been de-dusted. Went swimming a week ago and surprisingly it still works… Then comes the tricky stuff. I’ll get a new bike, but so far I haven’t been much of a racing biker. Wonder about a helmet and padded pants!?!