We are Spartans!

Just came back from watching 300 at our new local cinema at Sihlcity.

What a blast!!!


I wasn’t expecting that much, and was very surprised. Ok, the story is told in a couple of sentences. Actually it’s clear by watching the trailer, but the way they did it is definitely something to have seen. They chose a special coloring of the movie, added some special monsters, a bunch of muscle bursting Spartans with very shaped facial features, and used lots of slow-fast cuts, special angles, sceneries, and last but not least the soundtrack rocks. The trailer even uses Nin…

A must see for Braveheart, Gladiator, and Troia fans!


More by accident I came to watch Sindbad ~ Legend of the Seven Seas.

My favorites of the Disney … sort of old school i.e. not Pixar related … animated movies are probably Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and The Sword in the Stone … well, some years back. I didn’t really like the newer stuff. At some point I find it gets boring when the story always unfolds in the same way with the same features.

Anyway. Sindbad is quite refreshing. Ok, it has the usual features like an animal which is best friend with the main character and the story is sort of conventional (usual bad guy needs to do some good for his childhood best friend … blablabla …), but I really loved the heroine. She’s a major babe.


And … it took me a while until I got it … Brad Pitt speaks Sindbad.
Joseph Fiennes speaks Protheus, Sinbads childhood friend, Marina, the major babe is spoken by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Eris, the godess of discord, by Michelle Pfeiffer.


Just got back from The Last Samurai as a sort of geek babe thesis writing motivation thingie and see where I’m stuck right now: blogging …


The Last Samurai has a several times seen before story line, but a touching way of telling it. Impressive pictures of “Japan back in the old days” (my seat neighbour told me they shot the movie in New Zealand) and shows all kinds of aspects of the way of the Samurai. Probably another approach to make people from the West understand the quite different approach of thinking of the people from the East.

Besides – if I should ever have enough money and a nice room to do so, I’d definitely want it fully covered in tatami

There has been bloodshed …

Yesterday I saw the last and final part of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

It felt quite like the other two parts: an almost neverending epic of thrilling battles, beyond ugliness orks, biblical monologues with a touch of fantasy, lots of full frontal face sightings, testosterone bursting long haired, bearded warriors and … the greasiest hair seen on a movie screen since John Travolta in … well … Grease.

The battle scenes are – again – very impressive and definitely makes the movie worth seeing for those not dearly devoted to fantasy. As for the story I find it a bit of an unhappy choice between skipping stuff and going into details. For somebody who hasn’t read the book, there’s no point in seeing Denethor going crazy.

Legolas is the hero of meaningful comments like the stars are vieled and killing a huge elephant within a minute.

Aragorn is a complete Saftsack for flirting with Eowyn and then coming up with the lamest excuse I ever heard (besides the fact that he actually has a girlfriend – alright a dying one, but he has).

While Eowyn is the ultimate heroine doing a timotei and killing one of the Nazgul buddies as a reply to his no man can kill me. Well, there are creatures not equipped with motherships and babymakers that can get really pissed off as well …

November Entertainment

I saw Love Actually on Saturday, which was a funny, happy and warm experience. I’d definitely recommend it to get you prepared for the last 5 weeks before xmas.

It’s – as the title suggests – about love in it’s various forms though emphasized on the struggles to follow your heart and tell your feelings to the object of your desire.

As for November background music I’d suggest listening to Sarah McLachlans new record Afterglow. Yeah, melancholic, but very beautiful …

After all Sarah wrote one of the most beautiful songs on earth: Angel!

Ultimate Chick Movie?

I noticed quite a while ago, that in Hollywood movies or tv series actors tend to recite Goodfellas. Even more curious I got when some of my male friends recited it as well on several occasions.

I personally never made it to view Goodfellas. Well, I tried, but am still stuck somewhere in the first part. Never mind. There must be some land I leave to the male inhabitants of this planet at last.

But I concluded, that there is something like a Guy Movie and when there’s nothing guys have to talk about – they at least could talk about Goodfellas :))

I’m thinking about a movie with similar importance for chicks, but I honestly resist to go for something like Gone With The Wind – after all – what should be the message of the movie??? Chicks are bitchy beyond measure? Chicks always fall for the wrong guy?

Harry and Sally is a nice approach, but not really a chick exclusive movie, is it?

A real chick movie would be about a chick in a really shitty situation and you could so very well feel with her and her struggles … *grin*
That brings the Alien Series to mind (my personal favorite beeing the second part). Well, but that would be a bit … *cough* … and lots of women would call me queer to name it a chick movie :))

Alright, alright!
There is none.

Mhm … if there is a movie I recite, it’s The Matrix: Either it’s our way or the highway! It’s so bitchy and ultimate … of course I love it! *hehe*
But it’s on the guys list (see below)! Bummer!

See the article provoking my post and the list of all time guy *KLONG* movies:
spiel: Men’s Journal’s “The 50 Best Guy Movies Of All Time”.