Tomorrow is the big day where the iPad is finally officially released in Switzerland. I wonder how the Swiss market will respond to it.

So far most of the experiences with people seeing my iPad have been … rather bothersome. It starts with an “Owh” followed by a certain look in their faces. It says something like “what a geek person/Apple parishioner must she be to have one already a month before it’s officially released in Switzerland”.  Oh boy. Then there is the “how do you like it”-question. Well, quite simply: I love it. This is followed by “but what the hell are you actually doing with the thing”? Erhm… What are you doing with your computer at home? Surfing the web? Writing emails, letters, documents? Maybe making a spreadsheet? Blogging? Listening to music? Watch a movie? Check out photos? Well, and then I also read magazines, newpapers, books, and any form of document on it. It’s like your all media library in your hands, and you can do whatever you want with it. “But why do you need to be able to do all this everywhere?” This is subtext for “have you no other hobbies in life than sitting in front of a computer?” Oh boy.

When does the iPad become green

Before I got the iPad I read two books simply on my iPhone with the Kindle app. I thought it was pretty ok. Surely the screen is tiny, but handy and you’ve always got your books with you anyway.

Of course reading on the iPad is way more comfortable. I have to admit iBooks is also an advancement with the included dictionary and book like landscape mode. Also you can add any ePub formated document while the Kindle app is for Amazon bought content alone. Which is exactly the biggest advantage of the Kindle app: there is way more content available (yet) as in the Apple iBooks store.

Next there is Zinio. As far as I know the app with the biggest choice on magazines like for example National Geographic or Marie Claire. My absolute favorite magazine is not (yet) available in an e-version (knock on wood).

So all in all I thought: the amount of paper I’m going to save with the iPad! And instead of little dollar bills little green trees blinked in my eyes.

Mhm… And then I wondered if I could possibly make up the ungreen materials and production process as well as the energy used when the iPad is turned on with not buying books, papers, and magazines.

The starting point is not so bad. Apples Environmental report of the iPad shows use of less harmful materials. The power charger is claimed to even excel the Energy Star requirements. Googling the iPads greenness most of the articles I’ve read concluded that basically it is a greenish device, but the real green only comes with what the user does with it.

Meaning that it should not become just another device that is always running. For example the iPad could replace a laptop or desktop computer. It uses marginally less energy. I also try to substantially reduce my use of paper. I don’t print out documents anymore, but put them on the iPad to read. I don’t take notes on paper anymore, but make notes using the iPad and syncing the through Evernote for further use on the computer.

I’m not sure if this is enough to make the iPad green. I believe it’s a question of consistency, using the iPad wisely, and finally also how long it’ll last or I’ll have it.

Nonetheless I’ll try.

PS: No matter if it’ll work, but since I read into the iPads greenness I learned quite a few things to make my household greener. Just being more aware of things helps as well.

iPhone = Birkin Bag?

My mobile phone contract is running out in July. On the insanely slow loading website of my mobile phone provider Orange, I noticed that I’m already entitled to a new phone. Unfortunately you can’t check online what the prices would be if you extend your contract. So I checked the prices for a new contract. It’s mind blowing. Absolutely insane.

If I stick to my current price plan (Optima Start Surf), and intend to get an iPhone 3GS with a one year contract, I’d have to pay 540.- (16 Gb) or 660.- (32 Gb). For a 2 year contract its 230.- (16 Gb) and 350.- (32 Gb). Buying it without a contract at Digitec makes it 899.- (16 Gb) or 999.- (32 Gb).

The only phone I could consider to switch to would be a HTC Magic with Android which you can buy at Digitec without any contract for 399.- I haven’t truly compared the phones, but comparing these prices makes me speechless.

I love my iPhone, but in the end: it’s a smartphone. To get a MacBook you only need to add another 250.- !!!

But yeah. I know. There should be a new iPhone model in June/July. And then either the 3GS gets cheaper or the new one is so mind blowing that you spend another fortune on a life style object that – by the way – can make phone calls, write sms, and … well … surf the web. Who needs that anyway?

Kindle for iPhone

In almost unbearable anticipation of the iPad, I installed Kindle for iPhone. The idea is to figure out if I can even manage to read a book on a mobile device. Of course the size of the screen doesn’t blast you away, but it’s actually pretty ok. The ultimative plus is that you don’t have to carry an extra book around: you always have it with you anyway.

Only missing feature: I wish I could either have a dictionary included or at least a copy-word function so I can paste it into my dictionary.

I wonder if Apple makes the iBook app also for the iPhone/iPod Touch. If not the Kindle app has a great advantage: it syncs all your books to all your subscribed devices. So if you don’t have your iPad with you, you can continue reading the book on the iPhone and vice versa.



Half a year ago I was considering to buy a Kindle. Since there were rumours about Apple developing an ebook reader I waited. So now the iPad is coming in a couple of days (or so they say), I wonder if I should get one.

Actually I didn’t have any great ideas what I wanted in an iPad. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t come up with a classical netbook, because that would have simply been lame. I also was pretty sure that it would not simply just be an ebook reader with a browser included. That’s just to one-purpose-related for any Apple product. I mean the iPhone is anything but a device just to make phone calls.

What exactly is it now?

In a way a bigger iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls with an ebook reader. Sounds rather “okay, … and why would I want that?”-ish.

Honestly I’m not sure. I have a book with me every day. Given that I read my books on the iPad, I’d have to carry it with me every day. Most likely there would be no other reason to carry it along, because most things it offers I can do on my iPhone as well. So why carry it with me (the Wifi/3G version is 0.73kg)?

I maybe wrong, but I believe – as with quite a few apps on the iPhone – the need to use it, come with having it with me, and with developers at Apple and around the world having an idea what it can be used for.

For example: iWork is redesigned for the iPad. That means you can work on presentations, documents, spreadsheets on a touchscreen (!) device. I also hope that I’d read the newspaper more frequently, and I blog more often. Both things I can do on the iPhone, but it’s a bit cumbersome (for one the speed of the 3G version, and then the mini keypad for writing long blog posts).

So unless the pricing for Switzerland is out of the roof, I’ll most likely get one. With a Protection Plan. You never know 🙂

Protection Plan

Technically my iPhone will be two years old in July. Technically because I choose a white one which developed the all to well known cracks. At the end of the first year warranty they gave me a new refurbished iPhone due to the cracks. I was then asked if I wanted to extend my Protection Plan. Tough call, but the point is that I would be really pissed when something happened to my iPhone that would have been covered by the Protection Plan and I didn’t do it. So I bought the Protection Plan (109 Sfr.).

So two days ago, I went again with new cracks in the refurbished iPhone, and got another refurbished one. I hope this one will do better. First of all it needs to hold until a new one is released and the I would really like to give it to my boyfriend.

One slight note: I kept my first iPhone in a case and the second one not. Both developed the cracks. So the case doesn’t help with that problem. Though it helps with making the iPhone look overall more “preserved”.


Very well. Managed to download the software update 3.0 for the iPhone. Takes a while to notice all the features and benefits, but so far I like the sideways keyboard and voice memo app.

Still a lot of ideas left. Like a simple usable tool to store sms on the mac. You know. An Apple version.


Auf heute hab ich mich wirklich gefreut. Seit ein paar Monaten schon. Im Speziellen seit 2 Wochen. 17. Juni 2009.

Und wieso?

Weils heute das Softwareupdate 3.0 für das iPhone gibt.

Schon strub. Man freut sich auf ein Softwareupdate. Nicht, dass man mit dem iPhone bisher nicht leben konnte. Im Gegenteil. Das Update bringt aber ein paar kleine doch noch recht essentielle Besserungen, die den iPhone Alltag NOCH etwas angenehmer gestalten.


One month anniversary

It’s been a month with my iPhone and I’m already in a state where I wouldn’t want to be without it.

What makes the iPhone such a life saver?

I guess the fact that you always have the information or entertainment you need ready in your pocket. Full stop.

Of course a HTC, Blackberry, or any other smart phone fullfills the same duty. But I’m a mac chick, and a historical iPod fan. So the choice was obvious. Actually without the release of the iPhone 3G I’d still be a “normal” mobile phone user.

Frequently used apps so far are Facebook, WordPress, Zenbe and GottaGo (only for the Swiss).

I can recommend the Invisible Shield as a screen proctector. It makes the screen a bit rubbery which makes it easier to handle. The shield for the back sucks. For fun the gela skins offer a nice variety, and for real, not too bulky, colorful, and wavy protection, Griffin Wave rocks. For Swiss people available at Amazon.de.

What I miss is a learning feature for the dictionary. A Swiss German dictionary would also be a blast (but that’s of course impossible). And an Apple supported sms backup feature. I know there is Syphone. And finally my own sms tone.

I wonder a bit what my mobile phone bill would look like, as I don’t use the iPhone as a phone, but definitely as a mobile mac. We’ll see.

iPod History

Surfed the Griffin website to check out their iPhone accessories and was presented with a nice pic showing all iPod models so far. Looking closer I tried to remember all the models I have had… and got some kind of a headache.

Of the 13 iPod models, I have had 7.
I bought my first iPod in 2002, and so far that was the one that I had the longest, and lasted the longest (and by far the most expensive). I even sold it after I used it for two years. The next one broke after 1 1/2 years, which forced me to buy the first Nano (not enough money). When I got some money, I sold the Nano to buy the 30GB video iPod, which broke 1/2 year later (the headphone jack only worked for my right ear). No enough money left, I got myself another Nano of the colorful range. And a the beginning of this year Santa gave me an iPod Touch, which I’m selling now again, since I got my iPhone.
ipod_history.jpgSounds quite crazy, right?

Looking at my cell phone history, I’m on my 7. as well starting in 2001.

On average that means one cell phone and one iPod per year…
What will happen when the iPod and the cell phone are combined?