Moblogging and desktopping

Inspired by the wave of tools hitting the App Store, I got the idea, that I might want to moblog. Meaning I’d like to have a sweet new tool to easier access this Movable Type installation on my iPhone than by the web browser interface.

So I visited the website and found lots of new interesting features…
First you can turn any website into a desktop application (on a Mac of course) with the help of an open source application called Fluid. In the case of my Movable Type Dash Board or Facebook I find that very helpful.
For iPhone and iPod Touch users there is a iMT plugin which makes blogging over the iPhone and iPod Touch very pleasant. To install you have to copy two folders into your Movable Type installation, and you’re ready to go. One further enhancement is to set a bookmark on your iPhone desktop and … tada! … you sort of have a blogging application on your iPhone/iPod Touch. That was simple!
If you like the iPhone-Movable Type GUI you can choose in your Fluid-Movable Type Installation that it uses this GUI by setting the User Agent (Menu Bar) to Mobile Safari in the Application Menu. Finally you can choose to make it a Menu Extra. Installation instruction.

Touching magic

Updated my iPod Touch yesterday with eager anticipation. Rumors about included features raged through the net for weeks.

I didn’t really get why the iPod Touch is now 20 Sfr. cheaper, but I had to pay 25 Sfr. to get the January Software Update. I dearly hope following software updates are for free…


Then again: the added value is well worth the 45 Sfr.

Especially Google Maps blasted me away. The last selected route is also available offline. Meaning I don’t have to print out directions. Sorry guys… Another cool feature is that the iPod actually figures out where I currently am. With the help of Skyhook Wireless.

Mail works fine too. I’m still amazed about the easy handling.

So I’m happily looking forward to the SDK available by the end of February. On my wishlist would be Skype (the webinterface thingie is alright, but crappy) and choosing a calendar and general color markers in iCal.

From Santa Baby

ipod_touch.jpgCouldn’t resist. Very nice work. Of course the usual downfalls like too expensive, to easily scratched, but the handling is as always very intuitive and even on that small screen surfing, even writing short emails on web interfaces is surprisingly easy.

Waiting for the SDK coming in February.

The Black Screen of Death

So far I figured out that my iMac is suffering a so called Black Screen of Death. Isn’t it sweet how nicely developers package error messages? Maybe I myself should invent a couple of those sugar coated error messages in my next program. Of course I would make it the Green Screen of Doom, the Orange Screen of Lava, and the Purple Screen of Bliss.

But back to the subject. Black Screen of Death means a kernel crisis – in my sense – meaning a software problem. So far I reinstalled the os, but the message still shows up, so I first fill my hard disk with zeros now, then install. If that won’t help, the plan is to check on my ram.

To be continued …

Julian’s sick

Looks like a perfect start into the week: my iMac is no longer starting up. I never had problems before installing an update. But this time the trouble started with it. After I tried to reinstall the update, the magic entertainment system doesn’t boot at all. I pray to the God of Computers that a reinstall of the os will solve the problem! I don’t have money to spend on that kind of equipment …. Grrrrr!

Trent in Pink

My dear iPod didn’t make it without a serious nervous breakdown through my trip to Palm Springs. On my last day I noticed that the stereo minijack has a slack joint. What a mess! If I fully insert the headphone I only hear sounds on one ear, if I put it in loose, I hear on both, but it’s very fragile. Of course the warranty is 4 months gone, so either I find some third party company who fixes the stuff, or I get a new one …

The color was an easy choice: they don’t sell the nano in orange yet, and my last one had a green packaging, so I went for pink… As much as I hated that color since my barbie days in little amounts I start to like it again. Anyway. The name was a trickier question. All my technical devices get a name. My first computer was called Anthony, followed by Flea (obviously a Red Hot Chili Pepper induced time), then all the way from Justin (yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking!) to Julian, to Shane, to Ryan, to Gigi (during the World Cup 2004), to Gavin, and whatever. As my currently constant musical background is Nine Inch Nails I decided to go for Trent as in Trent Reznor, the lead vocalist and founder.

By the way: I’m still hunting for a ticket for the concert in the Volkshaus in Zurich on April 2…