The long time awaited event. Finally: NIN @ Zürich Openair 2013. We managed to grab a spot to the middle of the stage, 4 row. Conditions were superb: not too warm, not too cold, and dry feet. Only minus point was the over an hour wait to get even inside the area.

The concert was awesome. Extremly good sound quality and a perfect production. And I finally got my NIN t-shirt…

One very happy NIN fan. Till next year.

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Two days ago a personal musical dream came true: I got two tickets for the Depeche Mode concert on 6. December at the Hallenstadion. I hope it gets as mind blowing as the Dave Gahan concert some years back.

So this year is filled with concerts.

Already went to see Seven, The Script, and Nightwish. In a couple of weeks there is Snow Patrol followed by Tarja, Linkin Park, Pink, and Depeche Mode. So actually to finalize the whole line up a Placebo concert (not an open air, please) would be nice, but actually I’m already quite happy that they’ve found a new band member, and are releasing a new record soon.

Spring is coming

Muscically this winter has been quite boring for me. No new discoveries, and no new records of bands I already know and love. Well, and after an eternity of Kings of Leon I turned back to personal classics like Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Depeche Mode, andmanymanymore…

But there’s not only going to be Spring soon. There is also going to be new music:

Seven‘s new record Like A Rocket is due … tomorrow! Yay!


And then there is another shift in my personal music mekka:

Depeche Mode‘s release of their new single Wrong from the new record Stars of the Universe. Release date is 17. April. Way to go, but usually very worth it…


Cleaning out the old tunes

Just went through my whole iTunes library and got rid of 3.5 gb of songs. Pretty radical for me, but the two guidelines where:

1.) If you haven’t listened to it in years then trash it!

2.) If you’ve listened to it too much and can’t stand it anymore then trash it!

Of course that means I just deleted stuff that remind me of special times in my life (whatever that means: my whole life is special :)), but hey … if I ever what to get the stuff back … there’s the internet to give it back to me.

Feeling quite a bit lighter now.

The Kings rule!

Shortly before I left for Australia I discovered Kings of Leon. I had them on my iPhone on a never ending loop, but whenever I entered a place that considered itself hip (like a hostel or one of the tons and millions of surf shops) they played the Kings anyway. So by now there are my personal soundtrack to my time here.

Funny though that whenever I listen to them I see a straight road leading to the middle of nowhere, red earth, tons of meager trees, some hills in the distance, and nasty roadkill…

Anyway. Hope to see them live someday.