Went to see Seven yesterday at the Kaufleuten. Didn’t listen to much soul lately, but somehow I found his latest record in the iTunes store and bought it. By accident I figured out that he’s Swiss. What a surprise! Never in my dreams would I have expected him to be Swiss.

The concert was an absolute blast. Not only does he have an incredible voice, he also has a very amicable on stage presence. And he’s sexy…

One of the best concerts I’ve been to.
I’d say he’s the best musician Switzerland currently has to offer, but then I never really was into Stefan Eicher or Züri West…



What a surprise: Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails released four records on their website. It’s all instrumental and reminds a lot of their last record Year Zero. Which for me is perfect. Thanks to their dislike of record companies they offer the records for 5$ as download. A price I’m more than willing to pay even without listening to the tracks (the first record is available for free).

I just read that they plan to make a virtual film festival: we – their fans – can try to make visual interpretations to the songs. Selected ones will be shown on their Youtube channel. Reminds me of Placebo who asked fans to film themselves while singing their cover version of Running up that hill. They cut these fan videos together to a clip.

I’m very curious what NIN fans will come up with. Maybe I even have an idea myself…


What’s this song, if you can’t f**** to it?

A week ago I received an email signed by TR, which supposedly stands for Trent Reznor as the email came from (Obviously I once subscribed to a newsletter… Never mind.)

Trent wrote about his latest work with Saul Williams on his new record The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust. The record was released November 1, and is only available for download. Either for free or – in a better format – for five bucks.

Since it’s Trent I spent the five bucks and have been listening to the record for two days now. It reminds me very much of NIN’s latest record Year Zero (which is a very good thing), but I guess Saul Williams brings in the spirit of a black man. Meaning there are a couple of influences of soul, funk, maybe even a bit of jazzy vibes. It’s definitely not an easy listening, background sound, but creative, melodic, male, explicit, and powerful.

I’d give it seven out of ten stars!

Klo Finger

What is there to say about Clawfinger at the Volkshaus last Saturday?

Mhm… At first it felt like very little people since the gallery was closed and during the first two … crappy … bands, the room looked half empty, but when the boys came on stage people poured into the room from whatever hideout.

The crowd was in good spirits, and so was the band. As much as we got entertained, we entertained the band, and got rewarded by a few extra songs as they had on their set list. The singer, Zak, even forgot the lyrics at some point, but that didn’t matter at all: they guys seemed extremly easy going and fun. A night to remember.




Just read that Dave Gahan‘s new record Hourglass is due on October 19nd, 2007 (= this Friday). The first single Kingdom is available. So far it sounds quite Depeche Mode, but that’s totally fine with me …

Mhm… hopefully that means, that he’s going on tour somewhen next year? To the Volkshaus would be perfect…



The latest Radiohead record In Rainbows is available for download on their website. The clou is that you have to pay, but you can choose whatever you wish to pay.

I think the idea is quite intriguing as it is quite difficult to decide what you would pay for a record. Especially Radiohead: not the easiest music to listen to, but that makes it against mainstream and in my opinion music you have to honor. In the end I made a lame decision: I payed what I would pay in the iTunes Music Store.

Listening to the record I think I should have given more…