In this paper When Peer-to-Peer Comes Face-to-Face: Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Computing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks they say

that in today’s world individuals are suffering from a lack of authentic psychological encounters or ‘human moments’. For example, recognized that Internet use of as little as four hours a week can result in higher level of depression and loneliness.

Face-to-face interaction, on the other hand, have an immediate effect on hormones levels and have thus the potential of reducing feelings of stress and fear, and increasing feelings of trust, bonding and well being.

With or without the 4 hours internet use a week, I’d say that those people feel lonely.

I’m somewhat always connected to the internet and at least surfing 2 hours a day, which supposedly should make me incredibly depressive … actually even sort of suicidal …


I remembered that I really liked Chocolat, but couldn’t tell why. The plot is rather quiet, sometimes a bit boring, sometimes a bit enerving and the ending – like the title suggests – way too sweet.

Right now, as I’m watching the movie again, I dropped over that particular moment that makes the movie worth watching (at least for the females!!!):

Johnny Depp never looked better in his whole carrier and his part, which is the charming but not approachable gypsy, does the rest.

Besides … he says: I’ll come around sometime to get that squeek out of your door. Alright, I’d say! 🙂

A moment of … arghhh …

I hate to test programms.
I hate to vacuum clean.
I hate slow internet connections.
I hate when programms crash.
I hate people who pretend to be heroes.
I hate sand in my bathing clothes.
I hate the morning after having drunk too much.
I hate when movies are predictable.
I hate when people don’t talk when there is obviously something on their mind and heart.
I hate when people die.
I hate the feeling of loneliness.
I hate when I run out of body lotion.
I hate cold coffee.
I hate when people don’t clean up after themselves.
I hate when people talk bullshit.
I hate to hurt and to be hurt.
I hate my laziness.
I hate to talk about the same stuff over and over again ….


I do love life with all its shades!

… ghee … what a bullshit I’m writing here!!!!