[…] a person seeks an optimal level of closeness with others. If this equilibrium is disturbed by people coming too close or staying to far away, compensatory behaviors will be used, such as decreased or increased eye contact.

Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got that from. I just found it in my drafts folder and remembered that I wanted to post about it.

Today I talked (meaning a longer chat in person) to about 5 people. While one bugs me a bit, one I know very well and one I met for the first time. Thinking about these people it strikes me that I do remember their eye color and shape (except the one’s who bugs me) incredibly clearly. When I listen, I usually focus on the eyes of the talker. Probably to wage what he/she is saying?

In all cases the physical distance between me and the people was alright. I didn’t want them closer nor farer away, but I would love to know more about them in the sense of who they really are and what they want in life.

Can you read anything in somebody else’s eyes?

I claim you can receive a good personal impression about a person through his/her eyes only as long as you don’t know him/her a bit. Besides the appearance, behavior and ‘blabla’ you get in the beginning of meeting someone new, the eyes are the only hard facts you’ve got.

As soon as you know a couple of coordinates about the person, you probably concentrate more on speech, movements and – of course – the happenings with him/her.

With becoming closer, the ability of reading eyes comes back. This time because the other one is really saying something and you’ve got a history, you can relate to in talking with a simple blink of an eye.

Etoys & Cows

Yesterday I went to my first – as I thought it would be – geek event. Besides a short horay to Debian being 10 years old, a PGP signing session (don’t ask me what for) and a couple of people staring at their notebooks, it was somewhat like a usual party.

It was held on the rooftop at Toni Molkerei at an etoy tank (have a look at Stefan in front of the tank 🙂 with a great view over the city.

Afterwards I had the pleasure to check out the insides of the club Toni Molkerei for the first time (usually I don’t really belong to the kind of people hanging out there). We joined in a 5 bucks entry fee event (the beer was 5 bucks too …), which belongs to a current running series of parties called Aprés Soleil playing electropop/electroclash (whatever that is).

A very enjoyable night! I met a couple of people I – by far – wasn’t expected to meet. This underlines once again another theory of mine: if you believe, you’ll be back home in bed in 2 hours straight, you never are.

One low point though: before going out, I washed my bike. While driving home, it rained => my bike looks like it had before I cleaned it. Bummer!


At this moment I’m listening to my music library with the shuffle function over everything the library has to offer. Very funny – there’s so much music, I don’t even remember 🙂

I just came along someone saying
Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

It bugs me, that I don’t know who said that, because as I switched back to check who this is from, the next song started …


As I have been trackbacked by Andreas on my Best of article, I wanted to put some of my thoughts into the pot and see what we get in the end.

What am I?

Andreas defined a geek as someone who really understands a subject and in a way also lives that subject and he claims that geek doesn’t necessarily needs to be related to computers, but I actuallly don’t know what else you could call me a geek at.

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Thelma and Louise

Today I went to my dentist, which means a 300km trip towards Munich. I convinced a friend of mine to join and so we both grabbed some sunscreen, the sunglasses and a tiny convertible and headed East. To get the picture imagine two chicks crashing along the highway at 170km/h singing along to Justin Timberlake!

We got to my dentist in no time and after 45mins, I was back with pearly white clean healthy teeth again. As it’s a lot cheeper to buy chick stuff in Germany, we got to the local ‘whateveryouneedtoputontoyourbodyandsmellsniceandanythingelse’-shop and strolled along the alleys of shampoos, conditioner, creams, body lotions, but also music, food, toilet paper, pencils …. whatever you desire.

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Best of

Yesterday I got told that I’m a chick and I definitely agree:

– no matter where I’m going I tend to carry a bag with all kinds of survival tools in it (i.e. a swiss army knife, handkerchief, a paper shopping bag, pen, blablabla and of course: lip gloss 🙂
– I’m – by definition – at least 5 mins late
– I’m a medium shoe and tiny bag fetishist
– I do have many clothes, but I only wear a rather small selection of it
– I have a huge drawer with all kinds of fancy make-up/hair stuff/body lotion/whatever tools … I guess I spent tons of money trying things and felt like putting down a few things, I chose as the best:

(Sorry guys, nothing interesting for you.)

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