Finished The Order of the Phoenix yesterday night (it was so hot, I couldn’t sleep …).

I was left with quite a frustrated feeling.

The book is not boring. There happen quite a few things and it’s more or less well written, but it all works out by the same scheme as always: Privet Drive, Dursley’s beeing mean to Harry, escape from Privet Drive, Weasley house, get to Hogwarts, much to study, Snape behaves like a moron, Quidditch, some strange things happen, Dubledore never around, Harry struggles with himself, Hagrid has a new monster, blablabla and by the end of the schoolyear Voldemort attacks, Dumbledore finally shows up and helps in one way or the other, all is fine, we get back to Privet Drive … Well, something like this.

I also had the impression that problems were sort of constructed (like the relationship between Harry and Snape – I think with a little respect and understanding you’d easily become friends with Snape).