This night I got moblogged (twice) by Kaywa staff (i.e. Greg) at Lethargy.

Quite a stunning event for several reasons:

a) I never noticed that half Germany camps all the way down the Seestrasse up until the Rote Fabrik and these guys seem to get a six-pack (I’m talking about the Brad Pitt stomach muscle thingie) on discount somewhere.

2) For once the MALE porno coefficient popped out of the chart (meaning there were many handsome looking guys). I find that usually during summer girls are popping, but guys are always around the same. This night it was different and I wonder if 1) has anything to do with it ???

3) 90% wore flipflops, 6% some other sort of slippers, 2% high heels.

4) The fun seeking rate was definitely higher than mostly.

5) As always very nice design at the white room with the hammocks (Haengematten)!!!

Conclusion: a highly enjoyable event!