Thelma and Louise

Today I went to my dentist, which means a 300km trip towards Munich. I convinced a friend of mine to join and so we both grabbed some sunscreen, the sunglasses and a tiny convertible and headed East. To get the picture imagine two chicks crashing along the highway at 170km/h singing along to Justin Timberlake!

We got to my dentist in no time and after 45mins, I was back with pearly white clean healthy teeth again. As it’s a lot cheeper to buy chick stuff in Germany, we got to the local ‘whateveryouneedtoputontoyourbodyandsmellsniceandanythingelse’-shop and strolled along the alleys of shampoos, conditioner, creams, body lotions, but also music, food, toilet paper, pencils …. whatever you desire.

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