Etoys & Cows

Yesterday I went to my first – as I thought it would be – geek event. Besides a short horay to Debian being 10 years old, a PGP signing session (don’t ask me what for) and a couple of people staring at their notebooks, it was somewhat like a usual party.

It was held on the rooftop at Toni Molkerei at an etoy tank (have a look at Stefan in front of the tank 🙂 with a great view over the city.

Afterwards I had the pleasure to check out the insides of the club Toni Molkerei for the first time (usually I don’t really belong to the kind of people hanging out there). We joined in a 5 bucks entry fee event (the beer was 5 bucks too …), which belongs to a current running series of parties called Aprés Soleil playing electropop/electroclash (whatever that is).

A very enjoyable night! I met a couple of people I – by far – wasn’t expected to meet. This underlines once again another theory of mine: if you believe, you’ll be back home in bed in 2 hours straight, you never are.

One low point though: before going out, I washed my bike. While driving home, it rained => my bike looks like it had before I cleaned it. Bummer!