[…] a person seeks an optimal level of closeness with others. If this equilibrium is disturbed by people coming too close or staying to far away, compensatory behaviors will be used, such as decreased or increased eye contact.

Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got that from. I just found it in my drafts folder and remembered that I wanted to post about it.

Today I talked (meaning a longer chat in person) to about 5 people. While one bugs me a bit, one I know very well and one I met for the first time. Thinking about these people it strikes me that I do remember their eye color and shape (except the one’s who bugs me) incredibly clearly. When I listen, I usually focus on the eyes of the talker. Probably to wage what he/she is saying?

In all cases the physical distance between me and the people was alright. I didn’t want them closer nor farer away, but I would love to know more about them in the sense of who they really are and what they want in life.

Can you read anything in somebody else’s eyes?

I claim you can receive a good personal impression about a person through his/her eyes only as long as you don’t know him/her a bit. Besides the appearance, behavior and ‘blabla’ you get in the beginning of meeting someone new, the eyes are the only hard facts you’ve got.

As soon as you know a couple of coordinates about the person, you probably concentrate more on speech, movements and – of course – the happenings with him/her.

With becoming closer, the ability of reading eyes comes back. This time because the other one is really saying something and you’ve got a history, you can relate to in talking with a simple blink of an eye.