Careful where you stand

After having had a terrific summer and simply getting used to the sun burning down my skin every single day for the past 3 months, I feel quite strange about the current weather: cold, cloudy and rainy.

It’s the typical beginning of autumn mood, where I can hardly remember what flip flops felt like on my feet, even though I wore them just 3 days ago. That mood is perfectly emphasized by Coldplay’s Careful where you stand.


In a way I feel a bit like on vacation. The city and the people are quite different when the weather is sunny and hot or cold and rainy: you from a energetic, busy “Jerusalem” to a bitchy, cool “London”.

My room – designed as a sort of cave with the futon being the deepest spot – is now my life boat, where I’m drifting in the sea, hoping I might
a) get rescued or b) land on a nice, little island with a couple of handsome inhabitants.

Hmm … Looks like I’m day dreaming!