Travel Notes

Even though it’s only a 4 day trip, I noticed once again how much I love to travel.
It’s as exhausting as it’s entoxicating!

  • struggling around a new place with a map in front of your face
  • question marks above your head when checking out the local public transport ticket machines
  • the hassle to search for a good restaurant (cheap, nice atmosphere AND great dishes)
  • the things that stick to your feet when you wander around the youth hostel without shoes and socks
  • your wayoutofthisworld youth hostel room sharer and their ideas of being polite (e.g. making a call when everybody is sleeping, asking you to share his/her bed with you pretending he/she is cold, …)
  • all the different kinds of restrooms you get to see (in 99% of all cases just ran out of paper)
  • the experiences you get to make at a local club (e.g. people grabbing your butt even before they see your face)
  • the insane amount of money you’re spending on whatever passes your way, because you believe, you might never get the chance to buy anything like it again
  • food encounters of the third kind
  • the running gags that evolve out of strange situations
  • remembering again why you love home so much
  • Olibanum

    Since a while there is a huge commercial up front the Jelmoli at Bahnhofstrasse (in Zurich), which I find – in one word – breath taking …

    Black Cashmere

    It’s for Donna Karan‘s new perfume Black Cashmere.

    I strolled into the shop, found the shop assistent and got a nose full. It smells amazingly strange: olibanum and pepper is what came to my mind first. Then again it’s one of those remarkably unique smells like Shiseido‘s Feminite du Bois, Dior‘s Magnetic Poison or Thierry Mugler‘s Angel that I simply had to get it.

    Donna Karan‘s website is worth a look too.
    See under Advertising
    Fashion with a stunning Cate Blanchett and Accessoires including some skin …

    Blue sheet

    What a week!

    I definitely started my thesis. It’s – honestly – a relief! The best of all is that I got exactly what I wanted to. More about it later.

    At work I attended a business meeting replacing my advisor. Of course I was the only chick, was way younger than the others and far from wearing anything suitable for such an event ( … well, I did it on purpose :). I listened and learned. Very interesting to read between the lines.

    Programmatically we are close to finishing a highly complex tool, I’ve been working on since a while.

    I had the honor to get to know the CEO of MBfCs a bit better. Quite an interesting organization! The regulations are a bit unclear though … 🙂

    Finally I’m heading to London tomorrow for a 4 day sight-seeing-shopping trip.

    Monday Adventure

    Today I joined in the Monday night skate for the first time. I’m not really a good skater, but I guess I’ll manage to get along most spots (I’m really lucky not to live in San Francisco though). It’s a lot of fun, but it’s not a walk in the park. They chose even routes, but still you need to hurry and be able to break more or less well.

    You’ll also need to handle deep hatred from all the car drivers 😉 The route takes twists and turns and I guess if you want to cross the city by car on a Monday night skate, you could bump into the crowd several times … and wait for ages.

    A perfect mixture

    Recently I’ve read an article in our local for free newspaper about A perfect circle‘s new record Thirteen steps. The writer was absolutely thrilled and predicted that people would love the record.

    I had listened to their first album Mer des noms, which was announced as a hidden pearl. I didn’t like it at all and therefore felt quite critical about the new stuff.

    Thirteen steps in contrast is a hidden – black – pearl. It’s a mixture between rock, metal and punk or in other words: Metallica, Radiohead and Coldplay. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

    Judgement Day

    Yesterday I ran 21.1 km at the Greifenseelauf!

    For me that’s quite impressive, since I’ve never run that far in my life before, was sort of unprepared and half a year ago I would never have thought about doing a half marathon.

    I ran together with a friend, which I’d recommend to anyone joining in such an event: it surely is much more fun and he/she can help you over your dead ends, when you dearly like to call it a day. Oh … and yes: I also had Stuart with me. I had to carry him in my hands. I hope someone will invent a sporty version that sustains lots of shaking …

    A low point was the hot climate: you were craving for water. The organization of the event somehow underestimated the need for liquids of the 10’000 participants (2666 females). So sometimes some stations ran out of water, which makes you a bit speechless after having run 18 kms and not getting your well deserved cup of whatever.

    After all an event that I hope I’ll repeat sooner or later.

    Idioten Kaufen Eben Alles

    Als bekennender Ikeajuenger muss ich zugeben, dass mit Andreas Post doch etwas frustriert hat. Beim Shoppen im IKEA-Land hab ich mir manchmal schoen nette obszoene Uebersetzungen fuer die jeweilige Betitelung des Teppichs, Stuhls oder Kerzen…staenders… ueberlegt, aber wenn das Zeug ja nach Seen und so langweiligem Zeugs benannt ist …


    Wo bleibt da der Genuss beim Einkaufen???