Number 7

This morning as I was waiting for the streetcar, a blind man passed me by. I can’t help myself, but if somebody disabled is close to me, I’m always observing if the person is alright. Especially a blind person on such a crowded place like Central!

I started to wonder how he figures out which streetcar approaches, if maybe the different lines sound differently (!?), and if he differentiates all the people around him.

As I entered the streetcar, he made a straight step towards me and asked which cablecar it was.

Therefore I had all my questions answered :))

I’ve got so much love …


That picture puts it very nicely together what yesterdays concert in Geneva was all about: Robbie’s the dude!!!

Skin (former Skunk Anansie lead singer) did the pre gig, which might not have been such a smart idea of Mr. Williams. Her voice is really amazing, while Robbie’s is/was more on the croaking side.

Then again, he’s very obviously the master of entertainment:
within his concert he manages to gets his butt grabbed by one of his fans and replies by kissing her, he encourages Peter to propose to Tina, smokes a cigarette and amuses 9000 people by letting them sing his songs.

Carrie Bradshaw approach

One of my funky, totally senseless magazines, asks if I love those things:

  • Moroccan touch leather sandals
  • The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
  • green tea out of oriental glasses
  • Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • mhm…

    /me checking leather sandal cupboard: positive
    /me checking book cupboard: positive
    /me checking tea cupboard: positive
    /me checking female heroine cupboard: positive

    I do.

    Therefore they state I’m a Bohemian:
    There’s nothing that inspires you more than trips around the world, where you discover new yoga techniques, and get new leather sandals and sitar cds. You don’t give a s*** about trends, like to wear comfortable clothes. You drank green tea when Hollywood still believed in the power of gin and tonic. Therefore you like oriental scents like Black Cashmere by Donna Karan.


    A Bohemian with a laptop??? Hehe!

    Well, most of it is true, but I find it always highly amusing how these article writers of chick magazines come up with that stuff. Is there a brainstorm meeting where they all smoke a joint? Or do they surf the net to figure out stuff? Or is there really something like the Carrie Bradshaw approach?

    Venus & Mars

    I wrote that entry quite a while ago, but never posted it, because it felt to aggressive (and to personal at the time, even though it’s not only based on my experiences). Then again I never deleted it, because I honestly think it’s a good one.
    Well, decide for yourself:

    It’s definitely clear, that men and women think, feel and communicate on different channels. There are tons of movies, books, songs and researches about the matter. Though – for me – none is really able to solve the mystery and provide a translation into the others language. Then again – probably it would bore us to death, if we knew the recipe 🙂

    My personal researches taught me a couple of things, which surely aren’t new, but I feel like putting this into words:

    All in all guys usually simply are feeling fine. They may look shitty. They may throw stones at you with every sentence they make, in a way a woman would think something is boiling underneath the surface. But even when bonding him to a chair and threatening him with whatever you can threaten him (not meant literally :)), you’ll never know what’s going on. I begin to believe, there IS nothing. He just doesn’t notice, he behaves differently than he used to.

    Women have always something on their mind. It’s bothering us and we talk about it 24/7 until it’s gone/solved/killed/buried. That doesn’t mean we’re unhappy in general. It means, we can’t exist, when we don’t have an emotional task in the cue to get solved. If there’s nothing going on to complain about, we sometimes simply feel shitty, just to feel great 2 hours and a huge Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Cookie Dough later.

    Women love to put tons of riddles and hints into what they are saying. Some sort of always-on pseudo-psychological personality/whateverrelationship/whoareyouandwhatthef***doyouwant-test.

    Men hardly ever get the intended message, but sometimes something somehow close to the intended hint gets to them or they are totally off the track. Which makes them say or do things, so that we start believing there’s something wrong and here comes the never ending loop or – in programmers lingo – recursiveness.

    The only way to get out of it, is to fill yourself with a couple of tequilas/rum shots/xxx (enter here whatever makes you a bit dizzy), take your Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses (or whatever makes you feel sexy AND bitchy), trap that sucker and tell him whatever you believe is going on.

    First Birthday

    I almost forgot, that my weblog is over a year old now. I started it late September 2002 right before my first exam. Actually that’s why I remember the date: I should’ve been learning, but instead I was fighting with Postnuke.

    Looking back at a year of blogging, what was the benefit for me so far?

    Keep track of things
    First of all it’s sort of a diary. It may not be a personal scented post, but reading it, remind me of the behind-the-scene meaning or trigger to write it. The entry can look very senseless to others, but mean a lot to me.

    Put your thoughts into words
    In a way I feel a sort of responsibility to constantly feed my blog with what’s absorbing me. Often the phrase uh, I should blog about that thought comes into my mind. I’m forming the post for a couple of days until I find the time and spirit to write it down.

    Usually it takes quite a lot of time to complete one of the more … sophisticated … posts. It’s not my first intention to entertain my visitors (I hope you don’t take that personally, do you?), but after all: when you blast something out in the universe, you could at least do it in a deliberate way, right???

    The attempt to put my mostly weird thoughts into a meaningful article, helps me to focus on what really is my point, and encourages the generation of new ideas.

    Response from the Universe
    After all I’m blogging online and therefore am always looking forward to any response from the universe, which is – in my case – usually my very own universe i.e. my friends. Hardly anyone has ever commented without knowing me in person.

    But it also helped as a networking tool in the sense that my blog is blogrolled by my friends. I meet friends of my friends, who knew me a bit from my blog. Quite an interesting experience to figure out what kind of impression the person got of you through your blog compared to the impression you present in person.

    So far there is only one low point: spam comments. I got my first today.

    Visions of the Future

    Through an article on John Udell‘s weblog (yes Gregor, I sometimes read techie blogs) I saw Apple’s famous Knowledge Navigator concept video.

    I saw the movie before I read the article. I was very surprised, that the video must be from somewhen around 1988. That’s ages ago!!! We haven’t mastered that vision with all the included features yet, but got – imho – quite close. What strikes me more is, that it’s still up to date as we’d like to achieve that vision.

    I wonder if Apple has a prototype by now :))

    Uh, oh!
    Reminds me that Panther is out since yesterday night …. *verycurious* (a first by Mark Pilgrim and another peak by Tom Coates).

    Timotei, boxershorts & slime

    For my virtual memory box I collect music videos. Somehow I got that idea, that it would be fun to remember what people considered cool at the time, without waiting for a back in the ol’ days of 200? show on tv.

    One of the most thrilling music videos of all time is D’Angelo’s Untitled (How does it feel) (Real Player). I loved the song before seeing the video for it’s energy. When I first saw the video, my eyes – literally – popped out of my face. I’ve never seen a man that looks so much like plastic Ken (former – still??? – boyfriend of Barbie … except Ken is white).

    I-kissed-MadonnaBritney joins in with I’m a slave for you. I wonder what they did with her hair? And where did that pink shirt go? Mhm???

    The lowest sitting boxer shorts can be evaluated in Incubus‘s Drive (Quicktime). You also get a drawing class watching the video.

    It’s not really a surprise: the weirdest clip goes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Can’t stop (Quicktime). I loved John’s first male Timotei commercial approach.

    No Doubt give a new definition to the word color in Ex-Girlfriend (Real Player). Being the ultimate mental preparation for the battlefield.

    Linkin Park joins in with Numb. It’s an angry and emotional video. Reminds me very much of situations in my past …

    Finally I need to add Gone by N’Sync
    (Check out the full version on their website.)


    Your computer will burst with SLIME!

    Lost Ice Cubes

    Went to lunch with two colleagues from work just to find myself sitting in the cafeteria discussing the functionality of a 24 processor computer. Neither of us really had a clue about it, and sort of concluded that it can’t be that smart to have one motherboard and it’s usual add ons peppered with 24 legos?


    I smiled thinking about the same place, other people, and total switch in discussion topic.

    Put a/some female friend(s) there and we’d be babbling about men, emotional struggles (alright, mostly that suits into the men section as well :), and the funny situations in life.

    Exchange again with a bunch of history students, and you’d get red ears eaves dropping our chat:
    The Power of Pragmatism!
    (unfortunately only in German)

    Reminds me of my promise to continue that post.

    So far my personal analysis showed that the pragmatic-…uh…-killbill-…hehe…-approach keeps life as refreshing as a stray ice cube sliding down your back.

    Sleepless in Zurich

    I’m wondering if it’s the weather or am I getting old?
    I’m tired all day and desperately craving for some sleep. As soon as I hit the futon, I’m awake like just before an exam or something. Therefore I’m trying to evolve the ultimate secret potion to get myself tired again.

    The usual hints would probably be reading a couple of pages, drinking some hot milk with honey, counting what-orwhoeveryouwanttohop hoping over a fence, or meditate.

    My newest methods include melt away a sugar cube with 20 drops of valerian, and – since it got cold – putting a warm bedpan under my feet, and/or listening to some very comforting music (thanks to the inventor of the sleep timer).

    Whoever got some more potions to fall asleep to share, I’m eager to hear …. well … read them!