Even though I wrote earlier that my prefered TeX environment is iTeXMac, I switched back again to TeXShop. Mostly because I had the impressions it’s faster and somewhat more light weight.

They added a new feature, which definitely makes my day: synchronisation. It means, you can select a line in a tex file and get transfered to the corresponding line in your pdf file and the other way round. A feature I honestly admire.

(To use that feature, you need to install at least version 1.34. Within the distribution package comes a file pdfsync.sty. Move that file to ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex. If the folders don’t exist, create them. In your root tex file add \usepackage{pdfsync} to the preamble. It only works when you use pdflatex, by holding down the command key.)

Some more TeX gnagna in the PurpleLib.

X-Mas ready

I’m a desktop background picture fetish. I change mine at least every several weeks. Sometimes weekly according to my mood.

Of course to get ready for x-mas (the older I get the less x-mas feeling evolves by itself … ), I needed a nice desktop picture:

Scott helped me out with his 2003 version.


Yesterday night I was discussing what spirituality is. I had actually no clue what an official definition would be and started to babble about my ideas. As this is a very emotional and personal topic by nature, the discussion ended in a rather strange way.

This morning I was still thinking about it and went to have a look at what the wikipedia has to say about spirituality.

I was quite surprised to find an explanation that suits very much to my ideas (no, I didn’t write it myself :)). As I have no clue if their community might change it some time or other, I copied it:

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Sarah Brightman

I’m by far not a fan of Sarah Brightman. She’s doing some sort of classical-esoteric-rock-pop-trance-mix with way to many pink approns – or actually – to many rose petals …

But her website and video (Windows Media Player) raisend a huge desire to travel again …