As I have to hand in my thesis in three weeks, I’m somewhat s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d …

Even though I claimed I could never work totally disconnected from the net for even a single day, I am.

Which means my blog is somewhat deserted.

Then again there is honestly nothing much to tell about my life right now. I work fulltime on my thesis: my days are packed with coming up with smart sentences and programming, and during breaks drinking cappuchino and discussing the relevance of Greek gods and godesses as a synonym for human character …

Err, yes …

(by the way err is an example for electronic paralanguage [Ca80])

[Ca80] Carey, John (1980); Paralanguage in Computer Mediated Communication; http://acl.ldc.upenn.edu/P/P80/P80-1018.pdf

Gheee (another example), I’m loosing it …

My current musical life savers are

Depeche Mode Personal Jesus
Incubus Beware! Criminal
Linkin Park Numb

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SATC Finale

For any surfer passing by who loves ‘Sex and the City’ and doesn’t want to know the ending of the series, shouldn’t continue to read.

Let’s see ….

Carrie ends up with the guy she had been struggling since the first show, who had messed up her – imho – best relationship … Alright, Aidan maybe is a bit boring in some respects, but Big is an arrogant pimp … and hey …. he calls her ‘kid’ ????

Miranda – the most unlikely one to have a child – gets pregnant from uni ball Steve, a former boyfriend, as a result of a mercy f***. Now she lives in a huge house in Brooklyn with her son Brady (as far as I got it Steve’s lastname is Brady ….), husband Steve, maid Magda AND her mother-in-law.

Charlotte turned into a jew to get her Harry (I honestly admire that guy for his patience) and a Chinese baby …

And finally – by now my favorite – Samantha grabbed herself the ultimate testosterone hunk Smith, who whole satc New York has on her desktop background. Lucky for her he’s not only very handsome, but also very supportive, which isn’t an easy task to accomplish with Samatha.

So after six episodes of struggles back and forth they all end up with their guys … but there are endless episodes to come 🙂

Bird becomes a Fox

The browser of my choice, Mozilla Firebird, became a fox (reason).

What bugged me about the last (0.7 Firebird) version where that I couldn’t work offline (I had to use Safari instead), that it showed the fonts all other browsers showed nicely unusually small, that IRC didn’t work (alright, the last version did, but froze, when I wanted to turn on logging), and that it very often crashed when closing a tab that was still loading. So far all of these bugs seem fixed and the new version includes a DOM Inspector.



Maroon5 is my latest discovery in the good-mood-sunglasses-on-your-head-sunhine pop music section. The title of their record Songs about Jane as well as the cover of their record

suggests a lot about the topic of their songs.

I discovered them with the help of the iTunes Music Store. You can’t buy songs outside the US yet (!?!!!!) … but you can LISTEN … of course only when you have iTunes installed

Try Sweetest Goodbye, The Sun and Not Coming Home.

A Crow Left of the Murder


Incubus finally released a new record A crow left of the murder.

I didn’t like it that much the first couple of times I heard it. Then again it has been like this with their last two records as well (Make yourself and Morning view), which have become all time favorites by now.
This one is again agressive like Linkin Park with a couple of Coldplay moments.


Trying to configure Marius (my powerbook) as a gateway, I think the magic trick is not to set up your internal net within the same ip range as the ip that connects you to the outer net:

I had a laptop connected to Marius with a cross cable while I was connected to a cable modem over airport. I got an ip by a dhcp through that cable modem. First I had my manually set ips between that laptop and myself within the same range (same class C net). This way I could either connect to the other laptop OR the internet (depending on the priority I gave to my ethernet and airport card). Switching to another net and of course turning the I’m a gateway function on (under System Preferences, Sharing, Internet in Panther), made it work.

Maybe this is obvious, but it took me a while to figure that one out …