Judgement Day

On Monday I finally have to hand in my thesis.

It honestly was quite a hassle until I got here, but I must admit I’m very proud of it. Not only did I manage to do something I’m very interested in, but also the result turned into my little baby.

Having spent most of my time offline the last month, I didn’t notice that I already got a bit of promotion from Hannes and Urs (Thanx a lot!!! I hope you’ll join in as alpha tester of the EngelWiki?)

The question remains what exactly IS the EngelWiki?

Mhm … do you want the red pill or the blue pill?
Be prepared. There is no way back 🙂

2 more weeks to go

Exactly two weeks from now at this time I’ll (hopefully) be post-thesis. Up until then I need to

a) finish the paper
b) finish the tool

Hehe …
The two topics on the taskplan since I officially started the thing.
So far, it’s doing pretty well (alright, I’d have to say it, because I’m only two more weeks to go).

The paper … is a paper as papers are: out of paper and full of … err … scientific knowledge … ???
The tool is at http://engelwiki.var.cc (based on Kaywa and as I said: not finished yet).

In short the whole deal is a mixture between a Wiki and a Weblog.

This may sound like another WikiWeblog , but in fact it’s a stronger mixture than the WikiWeblogs around so far [1] …

but before I get started to explain the benefits and blabla about it, I better finish it properly :))

[1] Examples of WikiWeblogs
Joi Ito’s