Bar Rossi

Bar Rossi

Seit Karfreitag ist die Langstrasse um eine neue Bar reicher:

Rossi an der Sihlhallenstrasse 3 (an der Kreuzung Militaer-/Langstrasse hinter der Bushaltestelle vom Junky-Express).

Design by OOS.

PS: Das Licht auf den WC’s wird noch korrigiert … :))


More by accident I came to watch Sindbad ~ Legend of the Seven Seas.

My favorites of the Disney … sort of old school i.e. not Pixar related … animated movies are probably Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and The Sword in the Stone … well, some years back. I didn’t really like the newer stuff. At some point I find it gets boring when the story always unfolds in the same way with the same features.

Anyway. Sindbad is quite refreshing. Ok, it has the usual features like an animal which is best friend with the main character and the story is sort of conventional (usual bad guy needs to do some good for his childhood best friend … blablabla …), but I really loved the heroine. She’s a major babe.


And … it took me a while until I got it … Brad Pitt speaks Sindbad.
Joseph Fiennes speaks Protheus, Sinbads childhood friend, Marina, the major babe is spoken by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Eris, the godess of discord, by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Unreachable Reachability

Since the mobile phone has spread among people a couple of behaviors have changed.

For example it’s no longer a problem to be late. By sending an sms, you announce your delay and it’s sort of ok.
Or you don’t set meetings in advance. You just call the person again on the day you planned to meet and arrange the time and place then.

Personally I was one of the people who avoided having a mobile phone for quite a while, but in the end had to give in … I always had to call the mobile phone possessors, since they didn’t know how to reach me during the day.

By now I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a mobile phone. I even know some people who have two (including the phone numbers). Don’t ask me why.

Even though the main feature of a mobile phone is to call people, I’d say out of 10 calls only 4 get picked up. Some people have a nice combox attached, where you can leave your message. If there is none, luckily every mobile remembers the incoming calls (especially when coming from a mobile it has stored the number from). In very urgent cases you can still send a sms to make clear that you need to talk to the person.

Now we get to the points that sometimes drive me nuts:
a) why are some people unable to listen to their combox or check their incoming calls?
b) why does it for some people take days to reply even though you stated the urgency of your request?
c) why do some people who know that I check my email regularly rather send me five sms in a row (from a computer) than an email?


I’m talking about friends. People I know very well. Luckily the people I’m relating to do that to everyone. Except probably their mom …

The Life After

It’s been a week and a half since I handed in my thesis and life goes very slowly back to normal. The first week I was sort of struggling that I had nothing to do. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? After all exams I felt so relieved afterwards, but this time I somehow would have liked to continue. I don’t know. Probably because I really like my topic and the excuse to hang around University all the time.

Two days after I cleaned my room, which is probably the most common behavior after such a stressful time. I banned my stereo into the cellar which means I’m for the first time in my life since I’m 7 years old without a proper stereo. The age of the ipod has definitely begun. I still having tons of cd’s and am honestly wondering what to do with them??? Any ideas?

My powerbook broke 3 days ago. What a perfect timing. Overnight the harddisk started humming and when I awakened the powerbook from hibernating, it sounded like someone scratching the harddisk with a fork. I believed that it was mechanical and instantely brought it to a support guy. They ran some repair disk software and made me pay 130.- *GRRR* I hope I think a bit more next time… with the result that the hard disk still hums like a bee. Constantely. I drives me nuts. Any hints besides a clean install and buying a new hd are very welcome.

At my job I got degraded – due to my absence during the last two months working on my thesis – to – how they call it – customizing our main application. In other words it’s hoping around in config files and test. The worst of the worst. If anybody is in need of a programmer, please tell me.

Finally the good news: it’s getting spring. Full throttle. There’s testosterone and oestrogen all over the place due to the sunny weather. Besides everything looks much better from behind sunglasses 🙂