BMW 1200 GS

Yesterday I did a little trip on a BMW 1200 GS. It has always been my dream bike, which makes it somewhat exciting to finally drive around on it.

Compared to the F 650 GS I had before, it feels much heavier (but only is around 30kg) and especially tricky to handle the slower it goes. I suppose I just need to get used to it. On the highway it’s heaven. Most likely due to a second cylinder, but maybe also to a different wind shield.


Unbelievable but true: I just programmed a class in C++. After two days of the simplest struggles with weird data types, whatever libraries, includes, and namespaces, I finally managed to parse and change an XML document using the MSXML SDK.

That actually doesn’t mean I got the whole pointer thing, but at least it’s working …

Real life

After 20 years of education I finally landed in my officially first real full time job as a junior application developer.

The first two weeks have been quite intense in the means of getting used again to a at least 8.4 hour day, learning stuff I only had a theoretical knowledge about, and finally getting to know a new work surrounding.

My team consists only of five people, which makes it easy to get to know everyone quite fast. I always find it especially interesting to figure out each persons behaviour pattern and the relations between them.

Towards me people seem very curious to figure out what kind of chick ends up in an industrial oriented company programming. From one point of view this attention is – of course – nice. Then again it feels very pressuring. Like if one step in the wrong direction will trash me back into the chicks and screwdrivers just don’t work compartment. Probably I’m just hypersensitive. One thing is for sure though: chicks disturb the balance within a team of guys. At least in the beginning.


Well, I’m honestly impressed! Even though I tried several times to get into U2, I never succeded. Until now.

A friend pointed me to Pop and I’m hooked.


If anyone has some other hint about the best U2 record, let me know.