The dark tower

Strolling through Orell Fuessli the other day, I saw part of the dark tower series by Stephen King. As I had some time to kill, I sat there and read a couple of pages of a random book of the series and it instantely hooked me again. I thought I had written about that epic before, but found nothing on my several blogs. Anyway. I guess I read the first book, The Gunslinger or in German Schwarz, around 1994 and the current last one The dark tower (German Wolfsmond) in the beginning of this year while finishing my studies (don’t try that: it’s a hard task to stop reading and continue learning instead).

I guess I can say I’ve read quite a few fantasy/science fiction novels, but never has any story been so thrilling and recursively inertwinded as this one. Of course there is also a little bit of Stephen King horror flavour, but by far not as much as in his other works.

Travel to the dark tower!