Paulo Coelho

There is no other author I’ve read so many books from without even reading the story description as Paulo Coelho. His latest novel, The Zahir, is currently troubling my brain cells and emotions.

Basically this book – as from different perspectives actually all his books I’ve read so far – is about finding yourself through understanding the love you feel towards the people you love. That sounds recursive and actually it is, but I doubt I’ll be able to explain it more clearly. Never mind, but in some other words …

… if you feel like you’re loosing your path, read The Alchimist (Prologue).
… if you’ve searching for the sense of your life, read Veronica decides to die (first chapter).
… if you want to understand the facets of love, read 11 Minutes.
… if you want a mental Red Bull, read a couple of pages in The warrior of light.

… as for The Zahir … haven’t finished yet …


Since ages I didn’t buy myself a new perfume. First because I got quite a few compliments about my old scent Sensi by Giorgio Armani (and therefore believed it suited me very well) and second because I find it quite hard to come along a special scent you’d want to spend about 80 Sfr. on 50 ml.

I – of course – noticed the new versions of a personal old timer: Angel by Thierry Mugler. One of them is called Violet Angel and a mixture of patchouli and the Angel scent. It’s of course quite heavy, but a very special scent.

Today I went into the city to get it no matter the current color of my bank account balance. As I wandered through the perfume shop of my trust, I noticed another bottle. Though I neither liked the name, design of bottle nor packaging, I gave it a try, and instantely got hooked: Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood. There is a good description of the scent:

Anglomania includes top notes of cardomon, coriander and green. These mellow to reveal undertones of otto, violet, nutmeg and rose with low notes of leather, amber and vanilla.

Notice that the description includes green and violet i.e. purple … 🙂


Checking out Vivienne’s website, I saw and remembered she used the so called antichrist Marilyn Manson and his girlfriend Dita von Teese (nice website …) as models. From my point of view a strange, but very darkish sexy couple …