iTunes Store Switzerland

I just shopped a record in the new Swiss iTunes store. Even stranger: it’s a record by Bjk (Amazon, iTunes).
Up until now I always avoided her, but like Marilyn Manson, she always used to fascinate me … which reminds me to check on the antichrists records as well. Maybe I even find some songs besides covers that I like …

Btw. I also just noticed they added a feature to iTunes I think should have been there from the start: if you added record artwork, you can now choose to see the artwork of the currently played song.

Now let’s hear what the Islandic lady has to say …

It’s time to watch

Since I got infected by a mobil phone (meaning I carry one around almost everywhere I go), I stopped wearing a watch. As a student that was not only fine, and as I noticed also very common among my friends. Hardly anyone wears a watch anymore.

As part of the working society I’m starting to feel a currently still very subtle, but noticeable urge to have a watch. Mostly because I tend to miss my train …

Though living in the country of watches, I’m interested in an American product. Which one?

Watch Bar or Dancing Flowers?

Finally …

Finally the virtual doors to the Swiss iTunes store opened!!!

Even though I somewhat waited for the opportunity to easily and legally buy music without the need to buy the whole cd … most of all because I actually don’t ever listen to music from cd’s anymore and don’t see the sense in possessing another cd, booklet, and plastic hull to attract dust and use space.

Then again I totally agree with Chregu. I most likely won’t buy tons of music in the store. I’m regularly browsing through it to find music you may won’t get in touch with otherwise (alright: these days I hardly get in touch with any music except what I already have on my iPod and the mostly mainstream on VH1 radio).

But it’s nice to have the opportunity …