Ghee, I’ve been quiet for half a year now. My blog totally deserted.

A lot of things have happened in between those six months, but the most important changes are the following two:
1.) I managed my first job after the studies. Unfortunately they let me go because of monetary problems. BUT I already got a new job, which’ll be starting first of November. Totally different field (though still a software developer job), other side of lake zurich, and quite a few improvements for me as employee. We’ll see how I like it.
2.) I left the holy city (meaning Zurich) to live in Winterthur … For those who know me a somewhat strange move, though I have two major reasons to give the “country” live a chance: the first is male and the second is a lot (and I mean a lot) of living space right in the city center.

All in all I’m very happy, and somewhat surprised how much my live (and probably me as well) changed since May.