Coelho + India = Chopra?

Usually I always carry a book with me. One single day I didn’t because I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to read anyway … an what happens? I find myself in the city waiting for someone to help me carry my new couch table home.

In the vicinity of the furniture shop is one of those spirituality book shop filled with aura soma glases, tsafu, crystals, and from feng shui to judaism to tarot books. I sometimes really like those shop, sometimes I can’t go near them. At that day I felt alright to go in, but didn’t feel like any of those “find your inner strength”, “go with God” … books. Luckily they also had a Belletristik section with Lord of the Rings (?) and one book by Deepak Chopra called Fire in the Heart (in German).

The German version actually doesn’t quote that its meant for teens. Otherwise I might not have bought it (hey, I’m turning thirty in two months). Anyway.

I always believed Deepak Chopra to be one of those people from India riding on the new age wave in America, but that book definitely convinced me that he has a similar gift as one of my favourite writers Paulo Coelho.

For people in a bit of a crisis, a nice pathfinder to inner peace. At least for a couple of moments …