The 24th of each month is a very special day: I get paid. Sometimes it’s a day, I’m looking forward to several (mostly about 2) weeks, sometimes it’s just a lucky day among a series of happy ones.

Since I haven’t fully monetarily recovered yet from moving twice within little more than a month and especially buying kitchen and living space stuff I didn’t possess before, the 24th is like the blade of grass I cling to. From my years as a student I hate to order the cheapest stuff on the menu, to allow myself only to do some grocery shopping (or actually no grocery shopping … which helps with loosing weight) or – worst of all – don’t allow myself anything at all. Not even a Starbucks coffee. (Ghee, even a coffee shop has a website these days…)

Then again I wonder how I manage to be somewhere on the same spot as I have been as a student when I get an ok salary???