Wonder woman

Either my music taste got difficult or I there actually less good music coming than ten years ago.

Anyway. One of my favourite artists, Gwen Stefani, has a new record coming up called The Sweet Escape (iTunes link).

Listening to her first single, Wind It Up, makes it clear that she continues on the path or her last record Love Angel Music Baby. The last one definitely proved her creativity, but I couldn’t listen to it for really long.

Never mind. I’m looking forward to the new one. Release date seems to be first dezember according to the iTunes store.


Xmas at Starbucks

One of my single living in Zurich habits is coming back: having coffee at a Starbucks with a actually not single anymore girlfriend and chat about the important things in life.

Since I moved to another part of the city we had to switch to another usually crowded Starbucks, but today we were also struck by Christmas music, Christmas special coffee (don’t try the Peppermint moca unless you like liquid after eight), red Christmas cups, and the staff in red shirts. In one word: Christmas is all around us, and I’m didn’t realize it even though my birthday is in a week and a half, which is … you know … every year a month before Christmas…

Fancy that I need a Starbucks to remind me.


Today was the first time in what feels like ages that I managed again to go to a yoga lesson at my new local Gemeinschaftszentrum.

Even though there are plenty of yoga teachers giving yoga lessons everywhere, I find it incredibly hard to find a suitable one. And when you find one, it’s usually very well visited…

This time it seems like I found a good one right from the start, 10 mins from my home. What could you want more? The teacher also gives workshops ….