Are you from Venus?

A while back on the single market and with some well deserved distance between me and my last relationship, I must admit being single is somewhat soothing. First of all you can do what you want when you want and then going out gets that funky perspective of hunting again.

Of course some nights it’s beyond being simply frustrating: either the guys are gay, ugly, shy, way to young, or taken. Then again the trick is – as an old friend of mine put it – to keep breathing. Meaning: enjoy yourself (most favorably with a couple of drinks and by being accompanied by a good friend) and the rest will come to you sooner or later (mostly the later the evening)…

Another critical point is the opening line. You can get anything from “Hey beautiful! I’ve been searching for you forever!” to “I’m from Mars. Are you from Venus?”.

A more creative opener happened to me last week: a guy pushed his friend into my arms telling me I have to give him a hug, because it’s his birthday. I have no clue if that was true, but the opener was definitely a new one!

But I guess in the end it depends on if the woman finds the guy – no matter the opener – attractive.