Trent in Pink

My dear iPod didn’t make it without a serious nervous breakdown through my trip to Palm Springs. On my last day I noticed that the stereo minijack has a slack joint. What a mess! If I fully insert the headphone I only hear sounds on one ear, if I put it in loose, I hear on both, but it’s very fragile. Of course the warranty is 4 months gone, so either I find some third party company who fixes the stuff, or I get a new one …

The color was an easy choice: they don’t sell the nano in orange yet, and my last one had a green packaging, so I went for pink… As much as I hated that color since my barbie days in little amounts I start to like it again. Anyway. The name was a trickier question. All my technical devices get a name. My first computer was called Anthony, followed by Flea (obviously a Red Hot Chili Pepper induced time), then all the way from Justin (yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking!) to Julian, to Shane, to Ryan, to Gigi (during the World Cup 2004), to Gavin, and whatever. As my currently constant musical background is Nine Inch Nails I decided to go for Trent as in Trent Reznor, the lead vocalist and founder.

By the way: I’m still hunting for a ticket for the concert in the Volkshaus in Zurich on April 2…

Dev Summit continued

March, 21 2007

The main Dev Summit day is almost over: a keynote session to go held by a Microsoft guy showing a peak in the future about ESRI’s and Microsoft’s collaboration work.

It has been quite a smart idea to ask most of the questions of my fellow coworkers yesterday even missing one session. So today I could fully concentrate on further ArcGis Engine sessions. Even though there is a 30min gap between the sessions, you can hardly manage to get from one spot to another. I keep running around all day. I’d currently really appreciate if a day had a couple of hours more. Since most of the socializing is done in the evenings with a couple of drinks, I keep getting more and more tired. Especially since I still wake up at 5:30 am.

I wonder if the connections I made will last beyond the context of the summit…

The Surfer Boy Paradigm

When describing what kind of guy I tend to be attracted to, it ususally suits the idea of a surfer boy: a youngish, sportive, sun loving guy in probably a hawaii shirt, bermudas, equipped with a pair of sunglasses and a backpack or a surf board. But that’s just a description of the looks.

The mindset consists of a nature loving and sort of trying to preserve the nature guy who can handle being alone, but isn’t shy of people either. He has a strong interest in something where he also tries to catch that perfect wave. Finally he’s sort of not ready to commit in anything but an open, uncommited relationship. Sometimes they even holler that mantra before introducing themselves.

Having had several experiences with surfer boys so far, hearing that mantra makes me smile from ear to ear. But I also must admit, that those stories all ended the same way. So I wonder if I’ll quit having that attraction sometime soon.

Unleash hell

Compared to the days before, the place bursts with people. Of course the plenary session room is still not filled, since they prepared probably for 3000 people instead of the current 2000. Unfortunately they also thought so many people need so much more air conditioning. I’m freezing my butt off.

The informations provided so far in the plenary were mostly intros to the products. I actually don’t get, why they did that, because the crowd is mostly developers who know what products they have. But they also did two demos showing the templates they included in their Visual Studio enhancements. Looks promising. I’ll have to try it.

Their main message in that part seemed to be to decide wisely with what tool or on what level to write the customization our customers need. Secondly to write – whenever possible – reusable code. With the templates meantioned you can say easily that a piece of code need to be registered and is therefore in one click available in ArcMap and ArcEngine.

They also encourage people again and again to ask questions to the ESRI staff. Especially try to disperse more than two ESRI people on one spot :).

Creating businesses

Visited the Developer Tools and ArcGis Mobile sessions this morning. The titles sounded promising, but as it is still the BPC, the main topic is to create more businesses and inenevitably make more money. Of course an important topic, but my focus is still on the cool – or as ESRI presentation guru John Calkin put it – rich features, I haven’t figured out yet or even more important the answers to our questions.

Today I saw a couple of people wander around with some green badges. Meaning the developers are slowly streaming into the house. Even though most people here so far are in creating businesses not really developing, there is already a certain level of geekyness. I guess it will raise tremendously tomorrow when the dev summit officially starts.


The Business Partner Conference Keynotes are through. Impression so far is, that I’ll most certainly catch a flu. The air conditioning is killing me.

As for the keynotes itself: Jack reminds me of a geography teacher. One of his opening sentences being we are like cancer consuming the earth underlined that impression. His idea is to make people with our businesses and our effort to visualize any earth related topic aware of whats happening on this planet. I like the idea, but am not so sure, we’re heading in the right direction. But he’s a charismatic man, a visionary nonetheless.

As for the conference so far: am switching business cards like poker cards, but no email of an ArcGis Engine developer so far… *sniff*

Social Get Together

Yesterday evening was the social warming up. Meaning lots of tables, a bar, a buffet with potatoe wedges, bretzles, and some vegetables with dip, and lots of games like a basketball hoop, racing cars, those blasio thingies, and so on. Since they gave you color coded badges, you get a clue who’s here for the business partner conference (black), who’s staff (red), and who’s here for bpc and the developer summit (yellow).

Very well.

Palm Springs

Two days ago I was looking at another week of programming to finish a definite final release of my software, and now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Palm Springs preparing myself for the Business Partner Conference and the following Developer Summit. I must admit that so far the feeling of a holiday is stronger than a business trip. Then again that may be due to 35 degress, a boiling sun, and lots of Americans in flip flops. And of course: on my way to the conference center I have to pass by a pool area. I hope I manage to dip in there later.

My last time in America is actually 10 years ago, but so far nothing much has changed: they seem to be slightly messy organised, everything is huge (especially the gap in the toilet doors), most food you get is either over-vitaminized or unhealty, which leads in rather cubby people. I’ve never felt so skinny in my life before. Even at the airport in Zurich, you can distinguish the Americans from Swiss people by their clothes. While especially young Zuricians look like cutouts from an H&M commercial, Americans dress in some pants, some shirt, and some sneakers. Nothing fancy, not much accessorized, nothing anything. Just clothes.

Looking forward to the “getting together” session this afternoon at 4 pm…