Palm Springs

Two days ago I was looking at another week of programming to finish a definite final release of my software, and now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Palm Springs preparing myself for the Business Partner Conference and the following Developer Summit. I must admit that so far the feeling of a holiday is stronger than a business trip. Then again that may be due to 35 degress, a boiling sun, and lots of Americans in flip flops. And of course: on my way to the conference center I have to pass by a pool area. I hope I manage to dip in there later.

My last time in America is actually 10 years ago, but so far nothing much has changed: they seem to be slightly messy organised, everything is huge (especially the gap in the toilet doors), most food you get is either over-vitaminized or unhealty, which leads in rather cubby people. I’ve never felt so skinny in my life before. Even at the airport in Zurich, you can distinguish the Americans from Swiss people by their clothes. While especially young Zuricians look like cutouts from an H&M commercial, Americans dress in some pants, some shirt, and some sneakers. Nothing fancy, not much accessorized, nothing anything. Just clothes.

Looking forward to the “getting together” session this afternoon at 4 pm…