The Surfer Boy Paradigm

When describing what kind of guy I tend to be attracted to, it ususally suits the idea of a surfer boy: a youngish, sportive, sun loving guy in probably a hawaii shirt, bermudas, equipped with a pair of sunglasses and a backpack or a surf board. But that’s just a description of the looks.

The mindset consists of a nature loving and sort of trying to preserve the nature guy who can handle being alone, but isn’t shy of people either. He has a strong interest in something where he also tries to catch that perfect wave. Finally he’s sort of not ready to commit in anything but an open, uncommited relationship. Sometimes they even holler that mantra before introducing themselves.

Having had several experiences with surfer boys so far, hearing that mantra makes me smile from ear to ear. But I also must admit, that those stories all ended the same way. So I wonder if I’ll quit having that attraction sometime soon.