The Verge Continues

My weekend sucked big time. I guess with the whole struggle the last week I was way to much looking forward to a certain party and its visitors. Why does it always happen to me that I’m looking forward to something at that thing turns out to make me feel worse than I was in the beginning?

On Sunday I didn’t really manage to put myself together, but thnx to my friends I got back to a – for me – normal level of depressive mood swings. I wonder when I’ll have some sunshine again?

Minutes To Midnight

If I had to choose ten records to bring along a lonely island, one of them definitely would be Linkin Parks Reanimation. But it was actually only after a friend asked me to book tickets for their concert on June 11th at the Hallenstadion that I read that they have a new record coming up as well: Minutes To Midnight.

Having listened to it among their special guest 30 Seconds to Mars and – of course – good ol’ Trent and Year Zero, I’m really looking forward to the concert. Looks like I for once will like the special guest and the main act!


My current favorite song is Bleed it out since it suits my current life so perfectly….

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On The Verge

Last week I was on vacation in Venice (nice, but way too many tourists) and when entering the office a wave of depression hit me again. My job currently sucks, and looking into the future it seems like it won’t get much better. I have talked to three different people in my company about what I need to change, even told them I went to a couple of interviews, but it really didn’t feel like they were able to give me a nice outlook to the near and far future. On top of my depression that they weren’t even trying, depressed me even more.

Then yesterday they obviously had a brainstorm Save Elke meeting and I was informed about short and long term plans to solve some of my job suckiness. The options don’t blast me away, but I’m touched that for once there is some action in due time and if some of those options happen, I’ll be able to work again with some motivation.

So my mood has increased a bit (which is also because the weekend closes in …). I’ll definitely continue to search for other job opportunities, because I still believe I’m somewhat stuck here (and some job opportunities are definitely worth looking in … even if it means studying Sedgewick for two days).

Greifensee question

As with almost every year the question arises again if I might join in in the Greifenseelauf on September 22. I ran it only once in 2003. Not the most pleasant experience since it was one of the hottest summers and they ran out of water, but then again that leaves lots of opportunities open to enhance the experience…

For sure I won’t run it alone. The last 2 kilometers are way to much pain in the a** to sustain alone. The question is who’ll join in of my two favorite co runners. I’ll see…

Gucci again

On a hint of one of my coworkers I discovered last summer Gucci Pour Homme as a perfume even a woman could wear. The Pour Femme version is good, but more for an … older … lady. The male version is heavy, but incredibly sexy.

This summer they release a summer version, but it actually took me until now to make a link to the other perfume. I hadn’t tried it until two days ago at the airport. As soon as I can I’ll grab a bottle of Gucci Pour Homme II …


Gucci Pour Homme II notes:

Gucci Pour Homme notes: