Our office is a construction site. Today is obviously drill day, and I fear it will be for the next month. So far my iPod managed to sort of drown the drilling sound, but by now I’m slowly, slowly loosing my nerves. My current work should be heaven: I’m supposed to set up a communication framework using .Net Framework 3.0 and SOAP. Couldn’t it be any better? Using a new technology? Learning stuff? But with that constant noise and my current almost constant lack to concentrate (I really wonder why that is…) it’s living hell …


Trent again

This seems to be my Nine Inch Nails year. I’ve seen them at the Volkshaus, and I’ll see them again in Avenches in a Roman amphitheater! I guess I couldn’t wish for more. Ok, probably noboby else accept my friends and me at the concert, but I don’t wanna push it 🙂

Very much looking forward to it…

Sunshine again

First I started to enjoy my work again (thnx to many many talks with my bosses) and as I skipped back to a more relaxed form of myself, everything else kicked back in as well.

I finally registered for the Greifenseelauf (Wiki) and am now seriously preparing myself for the event. A goal to work on during summer.

As with the male species… The last couple of encounters have been more disturbing than anything else. As I proclaimed to my best friend, to flee the single market and instead enjoy single life without men, he laughed at me and said “Uh huh!” with that super amused look. Alright, alright. Probably not. 🙂