The Beginning

If its the beginning of the/an end or of a beautiful friendship remains to be seen, but except for a medium cut back last week I’m having a huge energy push.

For one I’m currently reading two books at a time. Both giving interesting new impulses, and there is also another Paulo Coelho book waiting for me.

I’m also discovering both rock climbing and it’s community. First of all something new to learn, then a sport where you discover a new trust in your own strength (body and mind), and finally in the person climbing with you. Which brings me to the community. Finding climbing partners is even for a beginner pretty simple. So far I can’t really say what it is, but there is something special about those climbers …

So these days my legs look like I’m five years old again with bumps and bruises, my fingers feel like sausages, and my mind is bursting with new ideas of directions …

Meet your Master

Went to see NIN again in Avenches last week.

It was amazing: the location, the weather, the people, the light show … gheee … and finally Trent also sang Hurt.

He said something about that the new songs were available for download for free. I guess he meant their myspace website.

Checking out their official website I also found a NIN wiki, which describes background info on the meaning of their latest record Year Zero. Very Mad Max …

According to 20min the the amphitheater in Avenches had a new record of visitors during the festival.



In the never ending flow of new series, I think I found another pearl: Californication starring good ol’ Mulder aka David Duchovny.

The first episode starts with him dreaming of a nun offering him a blow job in a church right in front of the altar to help him get over writers block …

Watch the preview.

Writing a Blog

Over and over again I get asked why I’m writing a blog.

Usually I answer that it’s like writing a diary, but since potentially everybody can read it, you have to chose the content and the words wisely. You’re forced to think a topic through, really decide what the message should be, and finally put that message into words without giving up the real background situation. The process usually helps to clear my head.

But of course my blog is also like a flip book through some of my history. Almost every entry has some related story that only I know, and maybe without the blog would have forgotten.

People also claim that I’m putting my private life on the net. Well. I honestly can’t tell if my posts are obvious enough to get the real story behind. I doubt that.

Besides… Only people who know me, know that this is my blog.


Well, well. Went to see Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino’s latest piece of … aehm … art, yesterday with 7 guys. Also judging from the audience not really a movie girls dig into. Actually I didn’t want to go first as well. Then again I’d figured even if the plot is shallow it can’t possibly be any worse than a couple of movies I’ve seen in the last weeks.

And I was right: the story IS shallow, but the characters, the scenes, and the conversations are – maybe a tendency to long, mostly completely senseless, but overall – hilarious. Like the discussions about Le Big Mac’e or giving foot massages in Pulp Fiction …

I read an interview of Markus Kavka with Tarantino (Das Aspririn-Gespräch) before I saw the movie. Tarantino always seems to me like a huge piece of work with a tendency to being a pervert. But his female characters are always sort of unique: in some way trashy, and definitely bitchy, tough, but still chicks, never polished beauties, but theres always something that meets the eye. While the guys are … huge balls … guys, but in the end … well … Guess who’s winning …