The people we met

Last weekend I met a guy again I have been introduced to a couple of weeks ago. Back then I guess I talked about five sentences with him even though we were at the same spot for quite a while. For that reason I was really surprised that he remembered me, even remembered the occasion we’ve met.

So we chatted for quite a while, and I got the feeling I don’t often have with people I know so superficially: if we would have to work together, hang out more often, I’m sure he’d be a person I’d confide in.

Most likely we will never meet again, but that doesn’t really matter…

What is Real?

“Tell me one last thing, ” said Harry. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?”
Dumbledore beamed at him, and his voice sounded loud and strong in Harry’s ears even though the bright mist was descending again, obscuring his figure.
“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

A darkish half year…

Looking back at what concerts I’ve been so far and what music is on my Most recently playlist, this year – so far – is musically the most dark, heavy and hard.

Concertwise I’ve seen Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Linkin Park with another Nine Inch Nails coming up. The A Perfect Circle concert a couple of years back is still one of the best, I’ve ever been to. As the singer of Tool and A Perfect Circle is the same, and – as I’ve been told – the guitar players of Tool and Nine Inch Nails are the same as well, looks like it’s a small family… Dave Gahan probably won’t count as heavy, but still very dark and incredibly sexy. I hope he releases another record on it’s own, and has another tour by himself… Ghee, I get goose bumps just thinking about that concert!

I try to remember which bands started that phase. Besides the A Perfect Circle, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit phases there was an extensive Creed phase, who mangled me through the most difficult phase in my life in 2001. I can’t hear them anymore though. Another important record is the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, through which I discovered Disturbed and by now am giving Earshot and Kidney Thieves a chance. Got a hint to check out Clawfinger, which – even on the latest record – feels a bit like traveling back in time.

I try to make a connection between my musical choices and the things that happened since the beginning of the year. Except a deep work crisis nothing core shaking happened. Though I must admit things keep happening to me where I get the feeling of being followed by a camera. You know. Those moments where you wonder if this is really real… and wtf this all is supposed to mean… or rather if there is a meaning behind it anyway…

For me the ultimate solution to stay balanced is to go running with some of the above music on my ears …