In doch relativ regelmässigem halb- bis dreiviertel jährlichem Turnus kriege ich eine mittlere bis schwere Lebenskrise. Nachdem sich mein Leben über etliche Jahre hinweg an den Schul- und Studiumsjahren orientiert hat, befinde ich mich ja seit fast 3 Jahren in der Orientierungslosigkeit des Arbeitsalltages. Ziele, die ich des Alters wegen ins Auge fassen könnte (wie z.B. Familie gründen), ergeben sich grad nicht und … um ganz ehrlich zu sein … erfüllen mich auch mit einer enormen Panik (weswegen es sich vermutlich auch nicht grad so ergibt). Die Karrieregeilheit hat mich bis jetzt leider auch nicht gepackt. Somit schwaddere ich irgendwo im Mittelmass meiner Berufsklasse herum und frage mich, wo und wann ich mal ans Ufer komme oder noch anders … ob das überhaupt mein Ziel sein soll …

Kurz Fragen über Fragen. Nachdem ich einen Job nicht gekriegt hab, von dem ich nicht mal genau wusste, ob ich ihn will, kam dann allerdings doch eine kleinere, aber durchaus hilfreiche Erleuchtung: ich werde nicht der hardcore Software Entwickler. Dafür schläft mir das Gesicht in entwicklungsintensiven Zeiten viel zu sehr ein. Tja aber was dann? Daran arbeite ich noch…

Jedenfalls wurde mir kürzlich in einer Runde von ZoowärterSchrägstrichLöwendresseuren (= Turnlehrer) bei der Diskussion um das Skilager gesagt, dass ich daran schon auch Teil nehmen könnte auch wenn ich keinen offiziellen J&S Ausweis hätte. Schliesslich sei ich ja Jung & Sexy.

Ist also noch alles in bester Ordnung 🙂

Klo Finger

What is there to say about Clawfinger at the Volkshaus last Saturday?

Mhm… At first it felt like very little people since the gallery was closed and during the first two … crappy … bands, the room looked half empty, but when the boys came on stage people poured into the room from whatever hideout.

The crowd was in good spirits, and so was the band. As much as we got entertained, we entertained the band, and got rewarded by a few extra songs as they had on their set list. The singer, Zak, even forgot the lyrics at some point, but that didn’t matter at all: they guys seemed extremly easy going and fun. A night to remember.


Patience Padawan, Patience…

Patience has never been (and probably will never be) one of my virtues. Not when it comes to business, not when it comes to my private life and there most certainly not when it comes to men … but that’s another story.

When I want something, when I see a solution to a problem, when I see a way to instantly improve a situation, I sometimes could move mountains, could talk until I turn blue in the face, or just drug everyone I need permission from or is involved in …

BUT so far life showed me that the saying Time is on your side can be very true in the sense of if things don’t go the way you want the too or you try them very hard to be, just give it a little time and either you see a better way, doesn’t interest you anymore or all of a sudden you get what you want.

So. Here I am. Being patient.

Sylvester and Tweety

Subscribe to the Silvesterlauf, category Premium (meaning 8.6 km in under 48 min). Mainly to force myself to continue running through winter, but also because I guess as a Zurich sort-of-native you should have done it at least once. I’ve been told from friends who did the run that it’s incredibly crowded and therefore can be quite a pain.

We’ll see.

Praise to a Shoe

Did you know that Asics stands for Anima sana in corpore sano… Ha! Once in a while my 6 1/2 years education in Latin sort of helps, but I guess that saying is even for non latin experienced known. Never mind.

Found a page who sells and ships Asics shoes in Switzerland. Even if a shoe is not on the page, you can still ask, if he can get them for you.

My absolute favorite would be the Gel-Nimbus VIII, but they no longer make them. The actual model is the Gel-Nimbus 9.


In the States you can choose between three different color versions, while in Germany there is only one … but again a new one. Looks like even when it comes to sport shoes design is country specific???

Btw. the color version on the picture is called: Brown/Root Beer/Latte Shimmer …



Just read that Dave Gahan‘s new record Hourglass is due on October 19nd, 2007 (= this Friday). The first single Kingdom is available. So far it sounds quite Depeche Mode, but that’s totally fine with me …

Mhm… hopefully that means, that he’s going on tour somewhen next year? To the Volkshaus would be perfect…



The latest Radiohead record In Rainbows is available for download on their website. The clou is that you have to pay, but you can choose whatever you wish to pay.

I think the idea is quite intriguing as it is quite difficult to decide what you would pay for a record. Especially Radiohead: not the easiest music to listen to, but that makes it against mainstream and in my opinion music you have to honor. In the end I made a lame decision: I payed what I would pay in the iTunes Music Store.

Listening to the record I think I should have given more…


Doing yoga you come along the Sanskrit word Prana when doing breathing exercices. According to Wikipedia Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to a vital life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy in natural processes of the universe. It’s also the name of a clothing brand for yoga and rock climbing clothes. When I first noticed that I thought what does yoga and rock climbing actually have in common? After my week of climbing I understand.

As far as I know the idea of Yoga is to work with your whole body, bring it into balance, be completely focused on yourself. On a more subconscious level thats what happens when you climb. Actually it’s even better: I can spend a complete day not thinking about anything else, but the next step in the wall, to secure the other person on the rope and the nature around me. For a person who’s constantly pondering something it feels like heaven.

But a week of climbing is still quite exaggerating. After two days my fingers started to feel sort of numb. A day later my feet started as well, but you also get quite used to it …