The Swiss Police State

I’m living on the ground floor. The house has a little patch of grass around and on each side of the house a little pathway so people can cross from one street to the other parallel lying street without running around a whole block. On one side of the house is a little garden fence. Probably about one meter high. Maybe even less. And two garden fence doors leading into those little pathway.

When people pass by that pathway they are able to see into my appartment, and if anyboby should feel the need to complain about people passing our house, I guess it should be those people living on the ground floor. But no. Somebody felt the need to provide us with keys for the tiny garden fence doors (a Kaba 20!!!). So not everybody can pass through… I guess that person who claimed for those keys hasn’t though that you can easily cross the fence doors as they are only one meter high. The only people no able to cross are elderly and kids. Yeah! That was definitely a smart person…

And there goes another point to the WTF points scale!

Life’s good!

pebl.jpg Two years have passed since I got myself a Motorola Pebl. My first
mobile phone that I considered both useful and stylish. But as all
things come to an end, I figured out today that I’m allowed to get a
new phone for … depending on the model … almost free.

So I headed into the Orange store with absolutely no clue what phone I’d want to leave with. To me a mobile phone basically needs to phone, easily manage my phone numbers, have a speed dial mechanism, have vibra tone, send and receive sms, and – most importantly – have a T9 dictionary that I can enhance with Swiss German terms.

Ok, and I wanted one that you have to open to access the keypad. Looks like most don’t want to open their phones, as there aren’t that many of those. And either they are huge, tiny or shabby looking. Mhm… I was left with two choices: a Samsung or an LG. The LG was available in pink. I never in my whole life liked pink (except for when Gwen Stefani dyed her hair pink), but if there is any choice for color … I go for color.

Which leaves me with a LG KE970 Shine in pink. By the way LG stands for Life’s good. What an esoteric company name… Tststs…

So far I’m pretty happy. Of course it comes with a USB cable and software that only runs on a pc… But for simple file transfer you can use both USB and Bluetooth even with my iMac.

What’s this song, if you can’t f**** to it?

A week ago I received an email signed by TR, which supposedly stands for Trent Reznor as the email came from (Obviously I once subscribed to a newsletter… Never mind.)

Trent wrote about his latest work with Saul Williams on his new record The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust. The record was released November 1, and is only available for download. Either for free or – in a better format – for five bucks.

Since it’s Trent I spent the five bucks and have been listening to the record for two days now. It reminds me very much of NIN’s latest record Year Zero (which is a very good thing), but I guess Saul Williams brings in the spirit of a black man. Meaning there are a couple of influences of soul, funk, maybe even a bit of jazzy vibes. It’s definitely not an easy listening, background sound, but creative, melodic, male, explicit, and powerful.

I’d give it seven out of ten stars!