From Santa Baby

ipod_touch.jpgCouldn’t resist. Very nice work. Of course the usual downfalls like too expensive, to easily scratched, but the handling is as always very intuitive and even on that small screen surfing, even writing short emails on web interfaces is surprisingly easy.

Waiting for the SDK coming in February.

Frustration spreading …

I tend to believe that everything happens for some sort of reason. Some you understand at some point. Some you’ll never figure out. Some are to insignificant to ponder long about.

A series of similar happenings in my life continue on and on and I have absolutely no clue why it keeps happening, what I’m supposed to learn from it, or wtf I should change in my behavior … which I already changed, but nothing seems to help change the outcome. It’s seriously starting to depress me …

What are we running from?

Just three more days until the Silvesterlauf. Preparation actually went far better than I expected. I even made a lactate test to finally know the pulse rate I can go on forever without over lactating my muscles, and am the proud owner of a new pace maker (Polar RS200sd). So I guess unless it’s both freezing AND raining nothing much can go wrong.

Only question remains if I’ll be able to make the distance (8.6 km) in time (less than 48 min).
We’ll see…

Be Em Double U

Watched Shoot Em Up yesterday and was wondering what’s new on YouTube about Clive Owen. Found The Hire. A film series produced between 2001 and 2002 by BMW.

Among a leading Clive and a always very nicely presented BMW are Gary Oldman, Marylin Manson, James Brown, Mickey Rourke, Forest Whitaker, and Madonna. Since each episode is directed by someone different, some are funny, some are tarantinoesque, some are serious. Definitely worth watching.

The Chosen (Season 1, Episode 2)
The Star (Season 1, Episode 4)
The Hostage (Season 2, Episode 1)
Beat The Devil (Season 2, Episode 3)

All episodes are available on YouTube…


Just watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Not bad actually. Not mind blowing either. The book is way better, but I find that to be the case in almost all cases. An absolute highlight is Gary Oldman. For one the character he plays in one of my absolute favorites: Sirius Black. Ok. The role in not too thrilling, but what about Dracula, Romeo is bleeding, Leon, or Zorg in the Fifth Element… Reading through his movie list, Iooks like he’s retreating from the movie business. What a shame! If I could choose to meet one actor of my choice, it would be him.

Gary in a Nokia ad

To Toast or not To

For quite some time I was wondering if I should enhance my kitchen with a toaster. Not wanting to add any useless tool to my household, I waited until yesterday. Convinced that a toaster would make my life easier, I stood in front of about twenty toasters. Obviously you can spend up to 200 Sfr. on a simple heating device, which I find a bit disturbing. The choice was easy though: there was an advanced looking toaster for sale (and thanks to the sales person who was unable to calculate a 10% discount I got the thing even cheaper).

So now I’m possessing a toaster with an LCD display, seven buttons, and a lever, which means I can now toast about anything bread like in about ten different ways…


ProEdition Edelstahl F EM3 51 by Krups