Currently I’m enhancing a tiny web application I wrote a year ago. Looking at the code, I must definitely admit that I learned quite a few things this year. It’s functional, but extremly ugly written. Then again… it’s a web app… which means it’s sort of messy just by nature. Or maybe I’m just a typical desktop application developer. Never mind.  

Cloud Atlas

Haven’t finished the book yet (actually I’m pretty much in the middle of it), but I’m quite amazed by the Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. The book consists of six stories. All unfolding like a diary, all in different times, all in different writing style, and all are entangled, but you only slowly understand the relation of the different people, times, and situations.

My favorite character isTimothy Cavendish. His narrative style is hilarious. I had to force myself not to laugh out aloud in the bus the other day.

Tiny excerpt (only in German…):

Zuweilen flitzt das flauschige Kaninchen Fassungslosigkeit so rasant um die Kurve, dass der Windhund Sprache perplex in der Startbox sitzen bleibt.



Offensichtlich fand Herr Nichtlustig 2007 nicht besonders lustig…

Rückblickend war 2006 anfangs doch recht vielversprechend und endete in einer unendlichen Menge von nervigem Kack. Dennoch ein nach wie vor anhaltendes Highlight: mein Um… oder eher Rückzug in Heaven-And-Hell-Sort-Of-Downtown Zürich.

Im Vergleich zu 2006 war 2007 eigentlich ganz ok. Highlights sind das Entdecken des Kletterns, konsequentes Jogging und ein angenehmer Greifenseelauf, Entdeckung von NIN (und das obwohl sich ein Album schon ein Jahr lang auf meinem iPod langweilte) und zwei Rendez-vous mit Trent (an beide Konzerte werde ich mich auf ewig erinnern…) und maltechnisch erkennt man sogar meine Portraits…

Beruflich hab ich zwar keine Luftsprünge veranstaltet, merke aber gerade, dass ich doch langsam Dinge recht nett zusammenschrauben kann.

Für 2008 hab ich mir das ein oder andere vorgenommen. Mal gucken, was es für ein Jahr wird…

Touching magic

Updated my iPod Touch yesterday with eager anticipation. Rumors about included features raged through the net for weeks.

I didn’t really get why the iPod Touch is now 20 Sfr. cheaper, but I had to pay 25 Sfr. to get the January Software Update. I dearly hope following software updates are for free…


Then again: the added value is well worth the 45 Sfr.

Especially Google Maps blasted me away. The last selected route is also available offline. Meaning I don’t have to print out directions. Sorry guys… Another cool feature is that the iPod actually figures out where I currently am. With the help of Skyhook Wireless.

Mail works fine too. I’m still amazed about the easy handling.

So I’m happily looking forward to the SDK available by the end of February. On my wishlist would be Skype (the webinterface thingie is alright, but crappy) and choosing a calendar and general color markers in iCal.

Saviour of the Night

Last Saturday in a bar in the old town we were wondering which club to hit. Nobody had a clue what happened where, so – for the first time – my iPod Touch saved us a footwalk through a rainy and cold Zurich. The bar we were in offered WLAN, so we checked the websites of the favored clubs. No real match. So we went home.

I hope the free WLAN density in Zurich increases with more and more of these interesting gadgets affordable also for non gadgeteers…