Touching magic

Updated my iPod Touch yesterday with eager anticipation. Rumors about included features raged through the net for weeks.

I didn’t really get why the iPod Touch is now 20 Sfr. cheaper, but I had to pay 25 Sfr. to get the January Software Update. I dearly hope following software updates are for free…


Then again: the added value is well worth the 45 Sfr.

Especially Google Maps blasted me away. The last selected route is also available offline. Meaning I don’t have to print out directions. Sorry guys… Another cool feature is that the iPod actually figures out where I currently am. With the help of Skyhook Wireless.

Mail works fine too. I’m still amazed about the easy handling.

So I’m happily looking forward to the SDK available by the end of February. On my wishlist would be Skype (the webinterface thingie is alright, but crappy) and choosing a calendar and general color markers in iCal.